Morning Meanderings… A New Day


Friday. I have been up since about 5:30 am.  I have learned that when I am awake it is best to just get up.  COFFEE in hand, I have watched the day come in with sunshine, then clouds, not sure which way it will land today.  I heard rain and that is ok. Today I have a lunch date for a friend’s birthday but that is all that is on the agenda and I am fine with that.  Yesterday the card addressing went well and around 300 cards went in the mail… another 100 or so will go in today as I finish up looking for addresses for some.


FYI:  Did you know it is possible to be kicked off of the White Pages website for using the resource too much?  It is true… both myself and my friend Sherri were kicked off the site yesterday with a message that said we had used our limit for 30 days. 


Anyway, as hard as it was to get together yesterday and work on that project, it was a good thing to do.  Much was accomplished and friends told me that they were happy to help, had been wanting to do something and finally felt useful.  I liked that I was able to reach out to friends and family once again with thanks and love… for some that are not close to us, that may be the last time I get to connect with them over my son.  I needed that connection to be special.

8Today will consist of a little reading (I am working on Summer Secrets) in book format, Girls of Mischief Bay on my phone and The Astronaut’s Wives Club in the car (loving the narration!).  As early as I was up and if there is rain I will probably take a nap this afternoon too.  It has been a fairly busy week – busier than I would like and I am ready to be done.

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A New Day

  1. Glad you got to spend time with them and got so much done.

    I’ve never heard of, I’ll have to check the site out.

    I can relate to getting up early. Since my husband passed away my sleeping patterns have gone haywire. I’m usually up anywhere between 5 – 7 am. And awake a few times a night.

  2. 400 is a LOT of cards, Sheila, and I’m sure your friends did really feel good that they were able to do something to help you. No one can take away your pain, but lessening burdens and doing things like helping you with the thank yous is the next best thing. hugs…

  3. Summer Secrets was fascinating. I lent mine to a refugee when we got to talking about how we define family. She’s settled here now. Presently reading That Chesapeake Summer that has a parallel story.

    400 cards! No WONDER you are tired. Girl keep on keepin’ on

  4. Who knew that about white pages? I have Summer Secrets on my TBR stack. It’ll be the first Jane Green book I’ve read!

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