Morning Meanderings… It’s about to get… Country.


Hey all!  Happy Wednesday!  (I actually had to think for a minute as I typed that, “Is it Wednesday?”)  The week as usual is moving


I told you a little bit a week ago about my invite to a round table discussion with the actors of The Longest Ride (Nicholas Sparks latest book to movie), Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson.  That happens tomorrow afternoon in Minneapolis Minnesota.  A new addition to all of this is that my son and I are going tonight to a special invite at the Mall Of America to a preview of the movie.


I am totally “got my geek on” excited!  I have two dresses picked out for the events… my husband thinks I am crazy (but I think we all knew that already) and my son is loving how I just jump in and LIVE LIFE.

The LOngest Ride, Minneapolis, Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Book Journey, Mall Of America

For long-term readers of Book Journey, you may know a few things about me.  One that might be important right now is my strong aversion to all things country.  (Ok not quite all things, I have a really great friend who is from Alabama and I really like her!)  For whatever reason I do not like cowboy boots, cowboy hats, westerns, cowboy related books or movies, or country music.  There.  I said it.  I feel…. lighter somehow.  😀

I have no idea why I feel this way and have come to believe that perhaps as a small child a cowboy kicked me or took away my lollipop and I have buried this deep hurt yet have a trigger (pun intended) knee jerk when something is country near me.

Anyhoo…. before I digress too far…. the next two days may cure me.  😀 I leave this afternoon to meet up with my son for dinner and then off to the movie we will go!  I am staying overnight at my sons apartment this evening in the cities, tomorrow I will meet and talk with the actors and then come back home.

Crazy cool…. and I really hope I get at least one great picture.  A girl can dream….

Last thing – I recently posted about a giveaway for a $25 Visa card to see The Longest Ride movie, a cool tote, and a copy of the book – if you have not entered yet I hope you do!  I will draw (having trouble letting go of cowboy words) choose the winner on Friday morning using  Enter here!


Have a g’day.  Partner.





33 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… It’s about to get… Country.

  1. Sounds like a fun couple of days! I used to have an aversion to country music, then I moved to NC, and I’m slowly evolving 🙂 My aversion still exists for, believe it or not, anything Halloween. (???)

    1. Back in high school people used to tell me that as you mature, you leave the rock and roll phase and move towards country music. It never happened for me… which I translate as I never matured. 😆 I personally love Halloween – but I like anything I can dress up for 😀

  2. Hey, I live in a “country” state and live in the country of the “country” state and I’m not terribly fond of cowboy boots, hats, country music, westerns in either book or movie form, the Cotton-Eye Joe, line dancing, or dip (know what dip is?). Of course, I’m surrounded – well, not so much in the city, but still. 😉 😉 😉

  3. Dude. You are meeting Scott Eastwood? In the flesh? Hubba-hubba. Seriously, I would throw my panties at that man. Enjoy the gorgeous eye candy and have fun!

  4. Awesome. Have a great time. Can’t wait to hear ALL about it.

    And something funny? I miss my country music station fro Rhode Island. I am turning into a pop music fan because I can’t find any good country music here in North Carolina! odd, huh?

  5. So cool! I am itching to see the movie. I grew up in Idaho so I have a soft spot for cowboys 🙂 I hope you change your mind about them once you see the movie. I am curious, I need to go google it, is Scott Eastwood related to Clint Eastwood?

  6. Hey Shelia! I’m actually from the south and don’t particularly care for the drawl but you get used to it. 🙂 Also, it gets stronger depending on how deep into the south you go 😉 I can’t wait to watch this movie! I know it’s going to be awesome! 🙂

  7. I live in the WEST. But I am not country. There are a ton of men in wrangler jeans around here tho (You must admit, they do look good!!) While I do appreciate those country people so much, it’s just not for me either. It just dawned on me — I put so much ‘western’ stuff on my blog, I’m going to have to put a disclaimer on there! LOL
    Have fun!

  8. Sheila, you are so funny! Cowboys built this country. Can’t you like them just a wee bit!! Have fun tomorrow, and enjoy your time with your son. I am expecting some pretty awesome pics from both events.

  9. What a fabulous post, Sheila! And what a fun time you will have. Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  10. You’re going to have a GREAT time, Sheila, and you just may come back a convert since that kind of experience will attach emotion to something once emotionless 🙂 I’m not one for most (not all) country MUSIC, but I’ve always liked denim and suede 🙂

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