A Day In The Life Of A Blogger (late… with books!)


Mt friend Trish over at Love, Laughter, and a Touch Of Insanity had the idea to have us share what a day is like in our lives.  I loved the idea, had every intention of doing it this past Friday, started a post even… and then promptly forgot about it.


Then yesterday evening I was reading a few posts and read Kathy’s at Bermuda Onion (love her day by the way!) and thought, I can still do this.  🙂

So without further ado, here is my Friday March 27th:

6:47 am – wake up, let 5 dogs out.  Yes.  FIVE.  I have three, and I am dog sitting my friends two terriers while she is in Korea visiting her daughter.

7:00 am- COFFEE ready and I sit down to read emails.  (First I click on all the junk mail and delete that out of the way).  Then I first read the two emails I love to see each day, Shelf Awareness and Hungry Girl.

7:30 am – I open up a newsletter I am working on for a company and complete the updates.

8:00 am – Second cup of COFFEE. I normally post a Morning Meandering in the morning but can not think of anything (in reality it should have been this post lol!) so write up my review of First Frost to go live late morning.

8:20 am – I launch my new website for my Freelance Business and post about it on Facebook.  That was scary.

8:25 am – jump in the shower with audible audio playing on my phone with a speaker so I can hear it over the shower.  Get ready to go!

8:50 am – Fill up COFFEE cup and I leave the house for the library, grabbing a Fiber One bar on my way out the door for breakfast. For some reason I really like real coffee cups instead of travel mugs so curse myself a bit when I turn out of driveway and spill a little coffee on me.  Think of a post title called “5 Stupid Things That I DO”, with the coffee cup and driving being one of them.  It is only 3 miles up the road to the library from my house so I am there by 9 am.  I meet Ruth and Gail there and we go downstairs to look at the donated books for the spring book sale that is in three weeks.  Discuss plans.

9:30 am – leave with Gail to go and look at the building we will be using for the book sale a block away.  This is the first time we will be moving the book sale off site due to the large quantity of books.  It’s exciting.

10:00 am – Gail leaves and I go to the printer to pick up our tickets for Wine and Words.  I take the tickets to the library (yes, I am back!) to drop off 50 for them to sell.  I talk with the head librarian, and staff.

10:30 am – back in my car and sit in the parking lot of the library while I respond to a few texts.

11:00 back at house, grab mail on my way in, and open up work portfolio and spend time on my current client projects.

12:45 pm – Leave house to go and pick up Vicki at Mid Minnesota bank for lunch.  We discuss the Camp Benedict Bike Ride in July and I secure her for helping out with the food that is needed and cooking the supper at camp that night.  HAZAH!

2:00 pm – drop Vicki off at work and I head to the gym.

2:15 pm – work out on elliptical and stretch until 3 pm

3:10 pm – at grocery store where I pick up a few things and what I need to make Al meatloaf and potatoes for dinner.  (His request)

3:45 pm – Home!  Back to working on client projects.

5:30 pm – turn on audio book and start super while listening to The Pocket Wife.  (Unsure of it so far… I am getting a Girl On The Train vibe).

6:00 pm – with dinner cooking, I continue on work projects and a couple of Camp related phone calls until Al comes in from work around 6:50 pm.

7:00 pm – dinner with husband, he has the meatloaf and potatoes, I have a grilled chicken wrap and corn.  Catch up on each others day.

8:00 pm – Go downstairs to watch a little TV with Al.  He is a big fan of Shark Tank.

8:45 pm – Al goes to bed.

8:50 pm – I turn on Netflix, find a movie I can half listen to while I work on the Camp Benedict website rebuild.

11:30 pm – finish the Camp Benedict website, switch the domain over and launch the new website to our social media spots.  Look up at movie I chose and question why I decided to watch Twilight.  🙂

11:50 pm – Bed.

Disclaimer:  That was a full Friday.  I usually am home working more than I was this past Friday.  I usually dedicate more time to working with clients, yet this last Friday I spent a lot of time working on Camp stuff which is one of the charities I am on the board of.

Check out others posts about their “Day In The Life” here.

The Books:


Sophomore Year Is Greek To Me

City 1

Shadow Cabinet

Orphan’s Inheritance

Today I hope to read later this afternoon but as for now I have a few projects to make some progress on.  Have a super Sunday!

64 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Blogger (late… with books!)

  1. What a full day! It sounds fun though. I imagine planning for the book sale has its challenges. I hope it goes well! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading about your day. 🙂

  2. I burst out laughing when I read “jump in the shower with audible audio playing.” While I do put mine on pause when the water is running and again for the hair dryer, I do the same thing! I was worried I was the only insane, audio-addicted person doing that. I feel so much better now! 😈

    1. LOL! I am glad you do that too! It is amazing the time I can waste getting ready because I can not find my external speaker and I have to have audio! 😛 That’s a good 20 to 30 minutes of audio time each day 🙂

      1. OMG, me too! I have a spot on my desk right next to the usb charging station, and when it’s not there, I race around the house looking. At least when I misplace my phone I can call it and find it – speaker needs a bell! 😆

        1. It does need a bell! Mine travels around the house with me – its on the counter when I am cooking, on the washer when I am doing laundry…. its funny but it is hard for me to start my shower without it. 😛

  3. Sheila, you are a busy, busy girl. But we knew that. Your library is so lucky to have you. Bet that sale will be fun, fun. And add me to audio shower people. I carry mine around all day long, when I’m not actually sitting down reading or on the computer. I think I said on my ‘day’ that I listened to 3 hours and bit that day. It’s lovely. Thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. I love the sale – it creates such energy! I can do 3 hours easy – shower is about 20, car time is about 30 (sometimes more), at home cleaning is about an hour, dinner is about an hour and then like tonight – Al is downstairs watching tv and I am catching up on posts and listening to audio 🙂

  4. So busy! I’m reading The Pocket Wife at the moment as well. (Also reminded me of The Girl on The Train… though I think Dana is a bit more likeable!)

    1. She is more likable and she isn’t…. Dana that is. 😀 I am still listening but her wishy washiness around her husband grates on me…. I know it is me… I have always been this way about women characters who come across as weak or have weak habits… I know its not fair. Its just me. 😀

  5. I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts, unfortunately I didn’t see it in time to participate but I’m definitely in for next time. I usually burn the candle at both ends, up early and to bed late but you are crazy busy, I don’t know how you squeeze in blogging Sheila lol.

  6. Lady, you drink a lot of coffee!! I am more of a creamer gal so although I tend to fill up twice, it ends up being just a cup when all is said and done.

  7. Hooray for having to move your book sale! It sounds like a lot of work, but I know that those of us who enjoys the sales are really grateful!

    I’m so glad you decided to share your day with us after all. 🙂

  8. I really need to put a speaker in my bathroom so I can crank it up and listen to audiobooks in the shower… that’s a great idea. Also, my local library’s book sale is so big they host it at the local convention center… I’m in a fairly big, fairly wealthy suburb, though. It’s so cool to see how many books they put out, with boxes and boxes under the tables that they couldn’t fit! Love the library book sale, one of my favorite events of the year!

  9. I carry a coffee mug out to the car with me sometimes. My boss at a former library job used to bring her morning tea in a mug from the car and up three long flights of stairs to the reference department! (That, I thought, was a little crazy!)

  10. Holy Cow!! That’s all I can say….HOLY COW!!! You are a busy person. Whenever I carry my coffee mug to my car, I end up with many coffee mugs piling up at work. LOL

  11. i love the variety of your day. My version would be truly dull – get to work, sit all day on teleconferences or working on the computer. then gym and home and work on the blog.

  12. COFFEE is a super important part of my day, too. LOL! And congrats on launching the business!! What a big day for you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your day with us Sheila (and my apologies for commenting so late…there are still new posts coming in! Crazy!).

    1. Thanks Trish – this was such a great idea – thanks for doing it – I hope you do it again… perhaps around the holidays to have us describe a typical day in the life of a Blogger int he midst of the holidays? 😀

  13. We have a waterproof bluetooth speaker in our shower. Sadly, we are always battling to see which of us has our phone linked, and it’s never me.

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