Morning Meanderings… Now That Is How You Are Supposed To Do Mornings.


Good morning.  Thursday already and it feels good.  After yesterdays post about how to move your emails around in gmail to receive what you want in your primary box, it was really nice to wake up this morning and find the emails I enjoy reading right at my fingertips.

After the morning ritual of letting the dogs out, filling their food and water dish and grabbing my lap top, it was nice to sit down with a good cup of COFFEE and open up the Shelf Awareness email and read through it.  Usually my morning emails consist of communications with others and jobs I am working on so this was a nice relaxing way to start the day.

Speaking of Shelf Awareness, I can not help but share this fun picture they posted this morning of a sign that is in a book store.  1bb

Is that not awesome? 

Today is pretty mellow compared to what the week has been so far.  I have a lunch meeting and a work out commitment this afternoon and the rest of the day is free.  YES!  I plan to work on a few projects this morning and then after that I am back home this afternoon – blissful reading is a must.  😀

Enjoy your day and pop back in later when I talk with author Julia Lee and her first book release coming our this Saturday, Seven Stones.

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Now That Is How You Are Supposed To Do Mornings.

  1. I am a lover of coffee but my office mate is pregnant and has decided to skip coffee. We are an office of just two so by default, I have given up coffee in the morning and I am drinking tea! Can you believe it? I can’t. I know I could make a small pot just for myself but it seems wasteful. So, I have it on the weekend.

  2. How can you not love that sign? lol Sadly, it’s been a good couple of months, I think, since I’ve allowed myself the time to read my Shelf Awareness emails. There’s almost always at least one gem in there. I’m just too overwhelmed, but hope things slow down a bit. I also have something “not good” going on that’s keeping me in a holding pattern, even more confused on how to spend my days. Ugh.

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