Morning Meanderings… What I Learned Already This Morning


Good morning!

I am a gmail girl at heart.  I love it and use it for all of my accounts.  I love that it connects with Google Docs so you can create a working auto updated spreadsheet that several people can work on.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to the Hungry Girl newsletter to come in my email every weekday.  If you are unfamiliar with Hungry Girl it is worth checking out.  It is about trying to eat right and not feeling hungry doing so.  They have recipes, tips, etc…  most importantly (to me) is they know we are human and we get HUNGRY, so these are not skimpy meal ideas – however they are skimpy calorie ideas.  I have learned I can take their recipes and make them even better, but that…

is another story for another day.

Hungry Girl, Book JOurney

I found that my daily email would fall into my “Promotions” tab of my gmail.  (Gmail now comes with three tabs – Primary (friends, connections), Social (all my book journey stuff, groups I have signed up with) and Promotions (stuff sent to me like Redbox info, Shelf Awareness…).  Truth is, there is so much junk mail in the promotions tab I rarely look at it.

This morning I thought there has to be a way to move the emails I want to read out of promotions and into Primary (which is the emails I always read first).  Looking at it on gmail I could not figure it out, there was no easy “move to primary button.  For the record there should be. 🙂  SO I did what any modern woman does these days…

I Googled it.

Sure enough… you simply grab the email with your cursor and move it to the box you want it to be in.  Then it asks you if you want all such emails from this site to come to your primary box.



SO there it is.  Maybe you already knew that – I did not.  Now I am going to dig my Shelf Awareness out of there too as I have not read forever.

All is well in my world Wednesday morning.

How about you – any life lessons to share today?

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What I Learned Already This Morning

  1. Google is the best when it comes to figuring out computer stuff. I used it a lot when I was setting up my blog, and didn’t know how to configure things. I find it to be in much simpler terms than the wordpress site, which assumes you are a master computer programmer 🙂

  2. I love gmail, too, but I hated those tabs. I have mine set to not show tabs at all, I just have my regular inbox like I always have. I didn’t want to end up losing things in the shuffle of several different tabs!

  3. I love google docs and its gmail etc. I do use the dragging when I want to change some email, so simple isn’t it. I love how you can work on google docs at same time. When I was teaching I always got a buzz out of watching the cursor move along on its own.

  4. I didn’t like google deciding for me which emails were Primary, Social, or Promotions, so I got rid of the tabs and went back to the old way… one big IN box. And now I don’t miss seeing anything. Yeah, I googled how to get rid of them! 🙂

  5. Our daughter is getting married next month and we’ve loved sharing documents related to the wedding (guest list; addresses; shower gifts; wedding gifts; etc etc etc). I love that multiple people can work on them. SO CONVENIENT!

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