Morning Meanderings… Books, Book Releases, and 11,000 Leprechauns


And that my friends, is how a week gets away from you.

It was a great week last week that I balanced with work, and coffee dates, appointments, and reading.  Oh yeah… I have been reading, as of this mornings list I am 6 reviews behind and that does now happen with me…

until it does.

Freelancing is fun, but it is very easy to find yourself working 7 days a week if you are not careful.  I am trying to create work free weekends,but that will not start today. 🙂  That is ok though, because I did take most of Friday off for an overdue meet up with a friend, and then Saturday I ran the 7K in Minneapolis for the annual Get Lucky ST Patty’s Day run; the largest run of the year – 11,000 of us green people doing the 7K in one area, and 20,000 people doing the 21K (the lucky 7 7 7  run) in another part of the cities. I will save most of the pictures for later, but here are a couple samples:

Getting ready to run at the starting gate
Getting ready to run at the starting gate – that’s a lot of little green people!
Me, pre-run
Me, pre-run, being Irish helps me fit the part!


And…. books came to my house this week!  Lovely lovely lovely books:

The Cake House by Lyifah Salom, Stranger Harlan Coben, Sarah Lindbergh, Lydia Kang

Praying Through The Gospels by Sarah Lindbergh (3 copies, 2 for a giveaway!)

The Cake House by Latifah Salom

Control by Lydia Kang

Catalyst by Lydia Kang

LEGACY by Ellery A Kane

Stranger by Harlan Coben


Releasing this coming Friday:


Keep an eye on this one, we are going to have some fun with this title with an author interview that will amaze you later this week and this will be a book to start talking about now.


Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal, To do list

This morning I made a to-do list to get a feel of where I am at for this week, while I hope to make a nice dent in this list today, it is really something I will be working on throughout this week.  This afternoon, book time…. and I know just the book.




16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books, Book Releases, and 11,000 Leprechauns

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the last person on the planet still using paper and pen for my to-do lists. I’ve tried using my phone but there’s just something about taking a pen and crossing that chore off the list that just doesn’t feel the same when you just delete it.

  2. I’m more than half-way through The Stranger and, like his other books, it is so good and difficult to put down. I just love his books! The stories, the characters, the dialogue, and the humor are always great.

  3. This is the 5th one I’m reading and I own several others. The first one was The Innocent, which I picked up at Goodwill for $.50. I loved it! Since then, I’ve read :
    . Caught
    . Shelter
    . Missing You
    . The Stranger — currently reading

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