Cover CRACK… What Book Covers Are You Jonesing Over?



to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something.

There are certain book covers that for whatever reason draw my attention.  Seriously.  I can be browsing books and particular covers can stop me in my tracks and cause me to pick up the book and read the synopsis.

Sound familiar?

It should.  Even though we are told to never judge a book by its cover, I have to believe that most of us, when put in a room of books to browse, it is the cover that is the next logical step to wondering if a book is a good fit for you.


That being said…

for me the cover crack that catches my eye is at this time:  Houses and Food.  I know.  I know.  Lets break this down.


Covers with an old home on them, a mansion, a street filled with homes, even buildings (barns, sheds, maybe a hardware store).  I think what draws me in are the possibilities.  What is happening in that place or what will happen?  Who lives there?  What secrets do they have?

Here are a few samples of endearing book covers.  (*Note – these are not necessarily books I have read, but these are book covers I am drawn to)

house book covers, jonesing over covers, cover crack

house book covers, jonesing over covers, cover crack, Book Journey

(actually in this house category is one of my all time favorite books)


I love reading about food and I am not just talking about cook books.  I mean fictional fun stories and memoirs of traditional cooking, starting a restaurant, creating culture, famous chefs…. I love it all.

food book covers, jonesing over covers, cover crack, Book Journey
food book covers, jonesing over covers, cover crack, Book Journey

Your up.  What covers do you find call to you?

35 thoughts on “Cover CRACK… What Book Covers Are You Jonesing Over?

  1. I do love covers and would really prefer to shelve books face out. Used to do that in the library when I could and have been known to do same at a bookstore for a book I thought was good.

    I’m tired of the back of a woman’s head covers or her head being cut off. I do like beautiful landscape or scenery covers, especially mountains. I also like creepy, misty, gothic looking covers. I like snow scenes. That’s all I can think of right now. Oh, women in beautiful clothes, especially vintage looking.

    1. I dont like covers with faces. I dont want to see people because then as I am reading I wonder who they are or if it is clear it is the protagonist and the cover does not match who she is in the book I find myself flipping back and forth. I like to create the characters in my own mind.
      I have a friend who wrote an excellent YA Dystopian book a few years back and her protagonist was a kick ass bald female, the cover had a picture of this kick ass girl who had long flowing black hair. It drove me nuts (and it bothered my friend too).

    2. Hilarious Kay! I just went and looked at my Goodreads “read” shelf and discovered that a PILE of the books I’ve read most recently are those with a woman with her head cut off (Finding Alice, The Dressmaker, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer). I apparently prefer covers with women on them or cropped pieces of people (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour). Ah, the things we learn about ourselves.

  2. I have to admit I do often judge a book by its cover. I’m not at home right now but I do remember the Anita Brookner book covers were always intriguing. Love the cover to Robin Black’s If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This–hardback and paperback play off each other with the hardback being black (get it robin black) and the paperback cream: Here’s the google link if anyone wants a peek:…0…1.1.62.img..5.15.2501.8LwOkYfZpXs

    1. I just looked at the cover Cynthia – it is probably the lighting of where I am sitting but the cover hurt my eyes with the bright over the black (kind of like the people who write on an all black website with white lettering – that hurts my eyes too). I normally like black cover though so have a feeling this time it is me having worked at my laptop most of the day 🙂

  3. It’s true that covers do draw me in. I love all those houses covers. I remember first getting hooked into Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series because of the cabin and the adirondack chairs on the verandah.

  4. I love the covers with pretty dresses such as the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen. Being a foodie, I like covers pertaining to food. The covers of the books by Shobhan Bantwal(The Dowry Bride, The Forbidden Daughter) are gorgeous. My ethnicity is South-Asian(India) so I’m especially drawn to covers with that theme.

  5. I, who rarely buy books, actually own two of these because they are YA and I bought them at the book fair. Drawn in by the cover, made the decision by the authors, never even read the synopsis.

  6. Some covers invite you to read them. Certainly an animal on a cover draw my attention but the animal shoulld be a major part of the story, if not I probably won’t read that author again. Flowers, and senic pictures will catch my attention. Dark covers will get a quick glance I have another reason to check the book out.

  7. I’m all about vintage sci-fi–I’ve got boxes of old books that don’t fit on the shelves because I can’t pass buy even the worst 1960s tale about killer computers and psionic super aliens. Not to mention rockets landing vertically on their fins.

  8. For me, it just has to be aesthetically pleasing. I’m not crazy about photographs of people as the main characters. I don’t like being told what the characters look like. I tend to prefer artwork on fiction covers. If it’s ugly (to me) or I don’t like the title or subject matter, I pass. I’m not stuck on one specific thing, though I’m always drawn to fantasy in novels and almost anything that’s got good artwork/title, etc. for picture books.

    1. I think as I read the comments here that Publishing houses really need to pay attention to readers thoughts like this. Even in newer releases sometimes I look at a cover and think “what were they thinking?” We are visual – and the cover is a huge draw.

      1. Oh, Sheila, they put an unbelievable amount of time into cover design. The thing is, like anything else, what they think looks good or will grab the eye isn’t necessarily what the majority of people think. It’s all a judgement call.

  9. Ha! I actually have Will Write for Food! I really must pull it out of the TBR stacks and actually read it. I like covers, but they don’t usually factor into my “what should I read” decisions.

    1. Good to know! Unless I have been prompted to read something by a review or a friend saying i have to read it – the covers for me play a prominent role. Even in book review pitches by email – I want to see the cover 😉

  10. You know I love, love, love a good cover. You can’t judge the inside of the book by the cover, but the cover surely makes you want to peek inside in the first place! I am drawn to bold colors a lot I have found. I’m also partial to anything that shows it will help me experience another culture – hennaed hands, mango trees on the beach, a kimono, etc. I also like funky lettering in the title.

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