Morning Meanderings… Book Club Heated Discussion


Good morning!  Happy Wednesday!  My only big “to do” today was to take the dogs to the groomers and I have already dropped them off.  Now a day of catching up on some smaller projects and basking in the aftermath of last nights book club.

At least….

nothing was broken.


Actually I kid, our group was awesome as usual and last nights discussion of Descent by Tim Johnston was a good one.  I do not want to say too much here as my book club review post of this book is going up later today – but I can say a book where the group has different opinions always makes for good discussion.

I think I made it to the second question on the book when it started…. one person said, “and that was where it all went wrong and I didn’t like the rest of the book,” and another piped in, “I thought that was when it was getting interesting!”  I nudged Kaydi who was sitting next to me and I said, “here we go.. this is going to be good.”

And it was good, we all had things that we did not like about the book and some of us found things that we really liked about the book.  This was a great discussion read and we were nowhere near the level of mixed heated discussion we were when we discussed Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

Bookies Book Club, Sheila DeChantal, Minnesota
One of our gals was out last night due to a recent surgery and we took this picture to put on Facebook.


I did also promise you some food pics… and that will be in the review post – stay tuned to find out more about Descent by Tim Johnston and what makes it an excellent book club choice as well as questions you can use for your group if you discuss this one.

I know I asked you yesterday for ideas for a book club read for April and you came forward with excellent suggestions.  We did settle on a book that was part of our Book Club Girl package, Vintage by Susan Gloss because she is skyping with us for our April meeting.  I am kind of excited as we have fun plans in store for this one.



15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Club Heated Discussion

  1. I can’t make my book club understand that books like that are the absolute best to read. Sometimes when we have a discussion like that, it makes me think of the book in a whole different light.

    1. It does! It is funny how when you hear someone elses opinion it can change yours. We rate the book at the end of our discussion and often someone will say, “I was planning on rating it a 2, but after hearing these other thoughts, I am moving my rating to a 3”.

  2. I totally agree with Kathy and with you, Sheila. Honestly, the best discussions are the ones where we have people at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. And that has also, at times, made me rethink my own opinion, while trying to maintain order. Our group is pretty congenial, but there have been times….LOL. Our last meeting discussing THE LAST POLICEMAN was a good one and a good start to discusison. But, we kind of lost it after everyone shared that they liked it and what they’d do in an apocalypse. One of our most heated discussion was about REBECCA, which I thought everyone would have read years ago and would have liked. Not so much. Ha!

    I guess this means that I do need to read DESCENT.

    1. I cant express what that book group means to be Laurel… I think that is where the basking comes in… I love prepping my house and having them all over where we share good books, good food, and good wine.

    1. You should get on reading that one Elizabeth – we are going to have so much fun with it. One of the girls in our group has already read it and she said it is a quick read. I can so much go for a quick read right now…lol

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