Morning Meanderings…. Book Club Morning and I Need Your Help


Good morning!  I want to run through the house screaming “It is book club day!  It is book club day!”  Perhaps tossing flower petals out of a little yellow basket as I do so.

Yes that is how excited I am about having book club at my house this evening.  The book Descent by Tim Johnston was one I enjoyed and I am curious what the rest of the Bookies thought of it. I already know there will be mixed feelings on this one which does make for good discussion.  I already have my food planned (you will see what I came up with tomorrow!) and an idea for a prop or two…. we do like to get into the books we read.

I was just talking about our book club with a friend yesterday and was explaining we were so much more than a book club. I told this friend that while at one time we were a bunch of motley crew gals that enjoyed books, through the years we became so much more.  We are there for one another when we go through things.  I would not want to lose any one of them.  I teared up a little bit when I spoke of them.

It is true.  We have built such an amazing group that I hang tight to them.  Together we are funny, we are serious, we are sad, we are passionate, and we get angry – all about books.  I love it.  I do.

Each meeting we choose the next book we plan to read.  We can all submit a book for vote – we look for a book that is:

Fairly new so we can find enough copies

priced under $15 and Kindle does count


SO my question to you this morning since at this time I do not have a suggestion in mind, what book would you suggest I put forth for the book club tonight to be considered as our April read?  Why would that make a good book club book?


47 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Book Club Morning and I Need Your Help

  1. Aren’t y’all still doing the Book Club Girl book club? A book I loved but most of my book club did not so we had a fantastic discussion was We Need to Talk About Kevin.

    1. We are, but we made the decision to not have to choose that as our book club read – the book club girl book is a bonus read. We are still voting on books every month. 😀 It is so funny you mention We Need To Talk About Kevin. We read that as a book club so many years ago and I remember most of the group hated it and I liked it.

  2. An untamed state by roxanne gay. Fictionalized account of kidnapping in haiti. History..terror…and the scary realization that these events still happen in haiti

  3. I’m reading The Unraveling of Mercy Louis right now and I’m loving it.
    I think it’s a good book club book because there are so many characters that are so intensely different, and at the bottom is a mystery of who in the town left a baby in the garbage.
    It’s intense but keeps you reading!

    1. Hi Marcee, I loved the book. But did you finish the book? Because I want to know who was the birth mother, and I could not tell by the end! If you know, can you tell me? I cannot seem to find it online either. Thanks! Simone

  4. My 5 star reads so far this year have been The Martian, The Good Girl, and Wonder. All pretty different from each other, and all available at Target 🙂

  5. Some possibilities:

    The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin-We just read this in my evening book group and everyone enjoyed it. A curmudgeonly widower who runs a bookstore finds his life changed overnight. All about the power of books and the importance of bookstores to a community…

    The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi-One of my personal favorites from 2014 about two young women in Afghanistan and the practice of bacha posh where a family without sons can temporarily make their prepubescent daughter a boy with all the freedoms that entails.

    Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill-A moving novel based on true stories of slaves who were granted their freedom for siding with the British during the American Revolution. It is now a BET miniseries. This was the second book we read in book group years ago and it was well received.

  6. Two recent reads that I loved: Crazy Love You, by Lisa Unger, and What You Left Behind, by Samantha Hayes. I also loved The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, but I think you’ve already read that one.

    I would love to belong to a book club that brings so much more than reading to your lives.

  7. Love my book club too. Ours is next week.

    My suggestions are:

    A Memory of Violets by Havel Gaynor – women’s fiction/historical fiction

    The Secret of Magic – Southern Fiction/women’s fiction

    Both are reviewed on my blog if you want to take a peek.

    ENJOY your evening. Your book club is always so much fun.


  8. The strangest book we ever read in book club was a book called “Geek Love”. It was weirdly fascinating. Not good, and yet none of us could turn away. It’s about carnival life and a couple who took a combination of drugs so their children had physical deformities– so that they would be guaranteed a job forever–at the carnival. It was creepy weird!! Don’t pick that one. LOL Have you read “Me Before You” at book club? By Jojo Meyers? It’s discuss-able. I love my book club too!!

    1. Geek Love is AWESOME! and yes, very odd. But if you search my review, you’ll see that the themes are heart warming, eventually. It just might take some twisty angles to find the love.

  9. Running to Stay Upright by Sharon Wright. I just finished this book yesterday and haven’t written my review yet, but it is a great read about the problems families have and what they will do to survive.

  10. Sheila, how about A Matter of Mercy by Lynne Hugo? I think it would be a great choice for your book club! I read and reviewed it recently. The Cape Cod setting is wonderfully portrayed, and the characters come to life.

  11. My group is a mystery group, but we just did THE LAST POLICEMAN and it went well. And last summer we did ORDINARY GRACE. Really good. Great discussion.

    Have a good time!! My group has been going for 7+ years. I love it.

  12. I am so sad…I wish I had a book club….sigh! Her? Walking On Trampolines? The HalfBrother? A fireproof home for the bride?

    Have fun!

  13. I am getting book club envy! The Bookies sound like such fun, Sheila. I’ve never been a part of a book club before, so I’m probably not the best to ask for recommendations, but I’d suggestion Norwegian by Night by Derek Miller. It’s crime fiction, and it’s got a wonderful protagonist (he’s in his 80s) and I think there’s definitely material there for discussion.

  14. I have book club tonight as well and I’m just as excited! We’re discussing ‘Zeitoun’ by Dave Eggers and I think it will make a great discussion! Maybe you could throw this in the hat. Happy reading!

  15. First, I want to thank Suko for recommending A Matter of Mercy to your club, which–because of a Google alert–also led me to this lovely blog. I meet with a lot of book clubs in person and by Skype about A Matter of Mercy (as a book club member myself, with some smart, passionate women, I know how close groups can get!) and invite you to take a look at A Matter of Mercy. There’s a lot to discuss. The many reviews on Goodreads would give you a good bead on whether the novel might be right for your group. If so, I’d love for you to choose it and to Skype in to share your discussion, if you’d enjoy that.
    And thank you again, Suko! (Readers of this blog would also love Suko’s Notebook–she’s a wonderful reader and writer.)
    Lynne Hugo

    1. Thanks for popping in – very cool! And thank you for the compliments of Book Journey… I do try to keep it neat and tidy and current over here 🙂 I will check out your book. I know Suko is awesome, she and I chat books often 🙂

    2. Lynne, thanks for your gracious words! Your book, A Matter of Mercy, would foster a lot of discussion for a book club, and the addition of Skype would make a meeting extra special. 🙂

  16. I just started All I Have in the World by Michael Parker for a book club next week. The first chapter is CHOCK FULL of stuff to talk about so I’m assuming the rest of the book will be crazy. 😉

  17. Just a suggestion but our club has found places like Amazon that will give you books to review, and there are a gazillion books to choose from and they send you the book and then give you cash to review it whether you like it or not and you don’t have to finish it. That is what our club does, right now we have Magdala by Valerie Gross, we just started it and we like it so far. But we look at it as we get the book free, we pool the cash for our meetings for food, drink ect. I mean if they are going to offer it why not take it?

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