What Is Your Reading Style?


Earlier this week I read a post at I’m Lost In Books and enjoyed a post about being a multi book reader.  I could relate to her reading style, as I am also a multi book reader.  I enjoyed the picture she had on her post too:

Booklikes, Book JOurney, What Kind Of Reader Are You

How cool is that?

Looking at this list I am pretty much everything listed on the left side.


Polygamist Reader:  I do usually have at least two books going at the same time and 2 to 3 audio books.  I pick up the book I am in the mood for, and often if one takes off, the other will be put aside until I finish the one.  Audio is for convenience and I have one in the car, one in the house and one on my phone.  I usually listen to a little of each of these every day.


Extrovert Reader:  I do like trying new genres, beautiful books call to me.


Altruist Reader:  Oh yeah.  If I like it, you know it.  I gush about it here, I tell my friends, groups I am involved in, and our library.  I have several friends who call me for book recommendations and I am happy to oblige.


So how about you?  Do one or more of these styles refer to the way you like to read?  Do you see any pro’s or con’s to your style?


38 thoughts on “What Is Your Reading Style?

  1. Polygamist reader – minimum of 2 books at a time.
    Extrovert/Introvert – somewhere in between – i read multi genre, but there are certain genre that I won’t touch – anything even approaching a thriller, for one.
    Definitely altruist!

    1. I have a few genres that I wont touch either 😀 Thrillers are ok but I have no desire to read erotica, romance, or gore… or for that matter anything about cowboys and I can not explain that last one. 😛

  2. I guess I have to be on the left side with you, because I’m definitely not the right. Bit I’m not the exuberant reader bouncing around reading multiple books and trying new genres. Back in middle and high school I usually had 3 books going at once, 1 in bed, 1 downstairs in the family room, and 1 I kept in my locker at school, not including assigned books for school. I recently have gone back to the 2 books, 1 in bed, 1 downstairs and I am trying more non-fiction, biographies and history mostly.

  3. I definitely am an altruistic reader – I always like to recommend books I loved. 🙂

    I am only PART monogamist reader – I ONLY read one book at a time but I DO NOT re-read.

    I love this. I belong to Booklikes, but didn’t see this.

    THANKS for sharing, Sheila.


  4. I’m definitely a polygamist reader – I usually have 3 to 4 books on the go, not counting audiobooks. With audio, though, I generally only have the one. I’m a bit of an altruistic reader, too, but only when I really, really love a book!

  5. I guess I’m ALTRUISTIC since I have my own Book Reader’s blog. I also buy used books and donate them to the local small town library where I always recommend which ones to add the library and which ones to sell for 10 cents a copy. (I know isn’t that a good buy? 10 for a buck!.

  6. I keep thinking that I’m a monogamous reader but that’s not true any more. I always have one main book I’m reading at any given time. But there’s always another book on my nightstand that I read before I go to sleep and an audiobook in my car. That’s as many books as I can keep track of at one time, though!

  7. I used to be strictly monogamous but I’m turning more polygamous…but not usually more than two. I have one I’m reading and when I’m on the treadmill I have been doing an audio here and there.

  8. I am the first one on the picture. I can read a couple of books at the same time without getting the plots of the books mixed up.

    1. Also should add that I am an Extrovert reader. I love to read different genres from fiction, nonfiction, mystery and other genres.

  9. I’ve always been a monogamist reader, but I’m not sure how that works with also having an audio book going. Only one to read and one to listen though. And I’m mostly an introvert reader. The analyzing the plot thing is what I do, along with getting really involved with the characters and I mostly stick to the crime/mystery/thriller/psychological novel area. But I do recommend to others, although I am having to be more careful with that. Have had some bad experiences with a few people. I always try to say that this worked for me, might not work for you. Sadly, I’ve had a few of my church friends get really offended by the books that I suggested, which kind of made me rethink my opinion of them. I’ll stick to blogging about the books. 😉

  10. I’m much like you and identify with the left-side. I have at least three books going at a time: physical, E, and audio. I think the different formats help me keep them separate. As a blogger, it’s no surprise I’m always talking about how I feel about titles. I know what genres I like, but I’m always willing to stretch those boundaries if I’m asked to by a book club or by a friend. I never know what I’ll end up liking.

    Thanks for posting!

  11. Love this! I am like you: polygamist, extravert and altruist. Right now, I am reading a book on my Kindle and listening to an audio book. Sometimes I am reading as many as three books on my Kindle at a time.

  12. Fun chart! I used to be monogamist, but with the advent of kindle and audiobooks, that has changed. I’m an introvert, with an occasional foray into a different genre (but only if I’ve heard lots of buzz about it). Altruist for certain, that’s why I have a book blog 🙂

  13. Yes, I have seen this chart before and also loved it! . I am also mostly left-side of the chart EXCEPT that I am definitely a monogamist reader! I do always have one regular book and one audio book going, but I need to read/listen to one all the way through before I start a new one. I’m always amazed by how many books I’m Lost in Books has going at once – I think my head would explode! lol

    Like you, I LOVE to tell everyone I know (and plenty of strangers, too) about books I love – my family and friends always ask me for recommendations…which I love!

    Great discussion!


    Book By Book

  14. I think I’m a mix of Monogamist reader, Extrovert reader, and Altruist reader. I love reading all sorts of genres, but I stick to one book until I finish reading it, then I go to the next one. And of course I love recommending books to people.

  15. Reblogged this on Ana's Lair and commented:
    I think I am somewhere between an introvert and monogamist reader, as I do tend to stick to one book at a time and the same genres (fantasy, horror, sci-fi), try to be as thorough as possible in my reviews.

    What is your reading style?

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