Morning Meanderings… We Are Talking Alligators.


Thursday!  I think my feeling word for today is:


Don’t get me wrong… my days are crazy busy and every time I sit down to the computer I have a post it next to me to write down things as I think of them…

but I think it suits me.

I like checking things off the list and thinking of new things to go on the list and I can tell you, freelancing is not dull.  Just recently I wrote 6 articles on Social Media for a website, 60 Dump Style recipes for a book, 25 articles for a magazine, created a new non profit website and today I scheduled an interview for the alligator story for a summer magazine release.



I am excited about this one, it will be about a woman who has assisted in alligator rescue in South Carolina.  Bucket list item?  Hmmmmmm….


Today I am “touring” a new building for our spring book sale.  We need a bigger space.  It is going to be a good amount of work to get the books over there, but I think it will have a good outcome.





10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… We Are Talking Alligators.

  1. When you check the space a couple things: will it work in five years? Is it or can it be accessible ( handrails and wide steps, mats for the entrance ( I know, its MN), warm enough, does the elevator/ elevette work? And, is it a welcoming space: do you want to be there? Would you recommend the space to others? YadaYada… and…. insurance waivers!!!

  2. Oh yeah, we see lots of alligators when we go to the beach. Carl had a mama gator hiss at him on the golf course one time – he wouldn’t have gotten so close if he’d seen her beforehand. That should be an interesting article!

  3. Alligator rescues! And I worry about the birds biting me (they do bite by the way!). I suppose alligators are much worse. We need a link to that alligator story when it runs. 🙂

  4. I really want to know what kind of clock you use, Sheila. I am highly suspicious you have a Time Turner! There’s no other way you get all these things done! lol

  5. Content is good. Content is what we should all strive for. I seem to never feel ‘content,’ because I want to write more and I never seem to have enough time. Yet, you are writing so much, AND you are content. What’s the secret? 🙂

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