Morning Meanderings…. Glow Worm Caves Of New Zealand


Good morning!  For today’s Saturday Snapshot I thought I would share with you a little information on the Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand.  When traveling there last month I had never heard of the glow worm caves.  Our travel-mates were signed up to do a tour at the caves and we decided to join them.

What a trip in education!


The caves are located in Waitomo, New Zealand.  From our cruise ship that had docked in Auckland it was about an hour to the caves.

The glow worm is actually while pretty to look at, also gross.  It is apparently the larvae life cycle of an insect and looks like a maggot.  (The caves were dark so thankfully we only seen the pretty part).

Glow Worm caves, New zealand, book journey
Pictures are not allowed in the caves so this picture is from the Glow Worm website as linked here


The caves themselves are beautiful lime caves.  I wish we could have taken pictures inside, the rock formation was beautiful.

The female glow worms drop a line which is what you see in the picture. The line attracts insects and they get stuck to the line.  It is crazy but the females live two days and the males live three days.  The cycle continues due to the thousands of eggs each female lays in her short lifetime.

Glow worm caves, book journey, new zealand
This picture is also from the glow worm website as linked here



It is deep within the caves that we then get in the small boats.  We are asked to remain very quiet as our voices cause vibrations and disturb the glow worms.  It is a pretty cool experience.


Just outside the caves I was able to get a picture of two of our travel team, Wendy and Ray. I think it is funny that everyone else around them are smiling too. New Zealand… so friendly! 🙂


You can read more about the glow worms on the Glow Worm Tour website.  It is a unique tour.  I had never heard of a glow worm until the tour.

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Today I may just read.  Or I am talking big.  I keep saying I am going to read all week but I have been busy with projects and the books kind of go to the wayside.  I do need to have some book time this weekend.  Order of the Phoenix and a few others wait on me.

What are you reading this weekend?

37 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. Glow Worm Caves Of New Zealand

  1. The boat tour through the caves looks like a lot of fun. We saw some glow worms somewhere near Wanaka on the south island years ago. It wasn’t a cave but it was in a park or something like that. That was interesting but I could only imagine that the caves that you went to would be even better!

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. I’m not sure I’d like being down in that cave but the picture is pretty. I’m reading SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS but will be heading to work soon.

  3. So interesting. There was a song about a glow worm, as I remember. Never saw any in real life, but I have seen and captured a lot of fireflies. Maybe some kind of similar component. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I’m dipping in and out of BEING MORTAL this morning. Trying to read a chapter or part of one each day. It’s kind of depressing, but very thought provoking as well. Then I’ll get back to my nice mystery. Have a good weekend!

    • The song is “Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer!” sung by the Mills Brothers in the early 50s.

      I took this tour in the mid-1980s. Thanks for the memory, Sheila. I’d completely forgotten about it!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I may never…OK probably will never get there. So this is nice:)

  5. I guess the song lyrics come from the worm, “Glow little glow worm glimmer glimmer” I can’t remember the rest. Vacations are fun when you end up doing worm boat rides! I am reading The Husband’s Secret.

  6. Caves make me feel the claustrophobia coming on! LOL. And it is funny how something so gorgeous could actually be gross.

  7. Great post & super interesting, though I wouldn’t want to visit the place myself. Worms – glowing or not – come with a big eeeek factor for me.,.

  8. Sheila, I’ve never seen glow worm caves before–this is fascinating, Sheila! Thanks for sharing photos from your trip. New Zealanders do seem friendly. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I went there when I was in my twenties and enjoyed it. Probably changed a bit since then but I do remember about having to keep quiet! I actually only rememeber the boat part so perhaps they’ve added more in later years.

  10. I wouldn’t have known about this if you hadn’t told me/us here, Sheila. Very cool, and yes—gross! lol What’s amazing is they only have a 2-3-day life span.

  11. I went there in the late 70s on my first trip to NZ. I’d like to get there sometime again. I’m reading Redwall this weekend- and loving it. I see Lost and Found has been released in America now. I read it last year and enjoyed it’s quirkiness.

  12. How exciting – I did that same tour way back in 1993. I’m glad the glow worms have survived years of tourism 🙂

  13. I’m just a tad bit jealous right now. I would love to have seen that.

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