Morning Meanderings… A Day Of Library Friends


Good morning!  Wow.  *yawn* *stretch*

What a day.

Yesterday I went to my first Minnesota Library Association of Friends meeting in St Paul Minnesota.  That involved me being ready and out of the house by 7 am and at the meeting shiny and ready to go by 10 am.

The Association supports the friends groups of Minnesota.  By being a part of this board I am ale to have a voice in how we support our friends groups.  I really am excited to be a part of it.



2:10 pm and I am out the door and heading for home.  In the house by 4:30 pm, time to organize my notes, heat my sandwiches and out the door again for our Annual Friends Meeting.  I was very excited with the turn out.  We had a wonderful year.  Our Spring book sale was a record-breaking sale.  This year we plan on it being another awesome sale.  We are actually for the first time ever moving the sale off site into a building a friend of mine owns for more space.  I am super excited about the sale!

We will have our first children’s sale this year, our third Wine and Words… so much going on!  🙂

I feel energized and have much to do today to update our website, continue my author search for Wine and Words, and work on a few things for Camp Benedict too.

Yesterday I finished up two audio books (with the drive time), Girl On The Train and Afterworlds.

and as long as I am rambling here, three books that I am planning to read have release dates today.  Keep an eye out for:



15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Day Of Library Friends

  1. Sounds like another wonderful day even though it was a long, busy one.

    You are amazing, Sheila.

    Hope today is a non-travel day for you.

    ENJOY whatever is coming your way. Will be looking for your review of The Girl On The Train.

  2. The library is very lucky to have you 🙂 I love reading all your library goodness. I should join our Friends group but I actually go to the library that isn’t in my city more than the one in it.

  3. Your library related news sounds so exciting, Sheila. Good luck with the sale! I started reading the Beth Kendrick book this morning.

  4. It’s awesome that you are so ‘book-active’ in your community. There was a time when I aspired to do similar things, I wonder if it’s time to start rolling the idea around in my head a bit again. Thanks for the inspiration!

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