Murder At The Book Group by Maggie King

Murder at the Book Group, Maggie King, Book Journey

Hazel and her friend Carlene headed a murder mystery Book Club group that met in members homes.  They would read cozy mysteries set in a certain location and then all join in the meeting to discuss what they read over coffee, tea, and tasty treats.

Imagine Hazel’s surprise when at one such meeting at Carlene’s home, Carlene takes a sip of her tea and collapses in her chair, dead, with a suicide note next to where she has collapsed.  Hazel is skeptical… Carlene had just spent a lot of money on a spa weekend and having her hair done… who does that before planning to check out for good?  Plus Carlene was way more of a “setting the scene” type gal… she would more likely have planned a suicide in her own bed wearing her best nightgown and robe with her hair beautifully spread out around the pillow… not like this, not with foam hanging from her open mouth.

As Hazel starts to look more closely at each of the groups members she discovers more than she bargained for.  She discovers secrets that Carlene had worked hard to hide… and more than one person in the group would have motives to take her out for good.



Cozy mysteries are not really my thing.  While if you suspend reality they can be fun to read, I rarely pick one up.  I find I have to many questions… too many things that can slide in these books that I think, “no, no it could not have possibly happened that way,”…

However… if you add the words “Book Group” in a title, it could be a dictionary on book clubs and I would want to read it.

Murder At The Book Group was a fun change from my normal reads.  The murder, happening during the groups regular book club meeting puts them all as suspects.  It was not like their now dearly departed hostess was a great person… she actually had many flaws and many people had reason not to like her.  In fact, the more Hazel digs into what happened, the more she finds out how truly unlikable Carlene was.

I did enjoy the book, I probably will never be a big cozy mystery fan but the occasion dip into these fun reads works for me.


7 thoughts on “Murder At The Book Group by Maggie King

  1. I love short reviews, Maggie 🙂 I love the title, too, and can see how you would pick it up. For me, I’d like the cover, too—love this one!

    I notice is says “A Book Group Mystery” under the title. Is it a “Book Group” series?

    1. You know what book I loved that has an old book store in it and it’s based on a fictional famous author? Great mystery—wonderful read: THE THIRTEENTH TALE. Anyone familiar with it?

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