Petals On The Wind – Movie Thoughts


I grew up on VC Andrews books…. in fact last year, my first book of the year was the first book in this series, Flowers In The Attic.  I reread it because the movie was coming out and I wanted to have the story line fresh in my head.  Recently, I discovered that Petals On The Wind (the second book) was now a movie as well.  I rented it and …


To bring you up to speed… Flowers in the attic is about four children that are placed in the attic of their very rich grandparents home and kept there for two years due to their mother marrying a man who was practically her brother and the grandmother saying the children were the devil’s spawn. When the children’s father is killed in a car accident, the mother has no choice but to return to her childhood home which she hated, looking for help to survive.  The grandmother allows her to stay with stipulations, in order for the mother to get her inheritance, the now sickly grandfather was never to know that children were born of this union. The children must be kept hidden until the grandfather’s passing. Thus… the attic.

In the attic, are the two older siblings, Chris and Cathy (who are in their upper teenage years), and the twins Cory and Carrie, who are 5 when they enter the attic.  Basically, the over closeness of the children causes the two older siblings to become a little too close, and in the mother’s twisted obsession with her inheritance, she tries, and succeeds in poisoning one of her children, Cory dies at the age of 6.

Flash forward to the Grandfather dying, and the mother has now met a man who also has money and she has told him that she was unable to have children.  While the children are now to be set free of the attic, their mother has instead abandoned them to the care (ha ha) of their cruel grandmother.  The children finally escape out an attic window…


In Petals On The Wind, now Chris and Cathy are adults living with their younger sibling Carrie (who is in her mid teens).  Chris is learning to be a doctor, and Cathy is performing in the ballet.  In the movie we are missing how they got from point A to point B, which is that they were discovered while on the run by a maid who took them to where she was employed and after the children shared their true story with her employer, he took them all in. He was a doctor, and put Chris in medical school, Cathy in ballet school, and Carrie in a private school. At the opening of this movie, the man who took them in has passed away.  There is much straying from the book at this point so from here I will go with the movie version…

Chris and Cathy are still very fond of each other, and while Chris does not want any other woman, Cathy knows she needs to move on from her improper love of her brother.  She meets a man in the ballet who promises her advancement, and she moves in with him.  Hurt, Chris meets a girl at the hospital he in interning at (his bosses daughter), and begins to date her.

Oh if only things could have remained that way…. Cathy finds herself in an abusive relationship as her new man in jealous and a drinker.  When her younger sister Carrie asks to move in with them, things get worse.  Chris meanwhile feeling pressured, has asked his girlfriend to marry him, although he knows he is still in love with his sister.

Think all that is twisted?  You haven’t heard nothin’ yet…

SO the movie.  I was impressed.  I have not reread this book so had little recollection of all the details of the book to go on.  (I read a synopsis today to remind me of the book, and then I picked up on all the differences between book and movie).  While it is not accurate to the book, it has the same bones.  I found myself totally engaged with the story line.  The acting was wonderful,  I actually found this movie to be better than Flowers In The Attic (although you really do need to watch both to get the full story).

I have to say I loved these books as a teenager but do not remember them being so uhhh…. graphic.  It is funny now to think that I read these books all those years ago when even by today’s standards they would be considered… risky.

I do recommend the movie to those of us who know the books.  I think they are a wonderful compliment to the original story and add a whole new twist of creepy when you see it played out on the screen.  If you have not read the book… I recommend them.  There are 5 books in the series and I do not recall if I went beyond the third, If There Be Thorns or not.  Perhaps someday I will need to look at this series again.

11 thoughts on “Petals On The Wind – Movie Thoughts

  1. I must be older than you are. I read the first book in the series and loved it. Then I read the second book in the series and wasn’t too impressed but thought it was alright. When the third book came out, I didn’t even bother picking it up because I was pretty sick of the subject by then. As far as I knew, that was The last book in the series. When more came out later, I was older and not aware of it.

  2. I haven’t read either book, but saw the movies….and Petals in the Wind went to some very dark places. I enjoyed it…if you can enjoy such a movie. But I wouldn’t want to see it again…LOL.

  3. I have to say I loved these books as a teenager but do not remember them being so uhhh…. graphic.

    It’s so funny that you said that because my mom bought me Flowers in the Attic to read when I was like, twelve, and then read it again after I had finished it (and gotten hooked on the series) and was SHOCKED at how racy it was. But by then she couldn’t have pried them out of my hands if she had tried, so…

  4. I loved the books growing up. I think I read the Flowers in the Attic series about five times as a teenager. But I was not impressed with the movies.

  5. I remember reading the first two books in this series when they first came out and thinking they were pretty darned edgy for the times. I may have to go back and do a little rereading myself….or maybe just watch the films. 😀

  6. Ha, I remember reading Flowers in the Attic as a teen, and when my eldest daughter was a teen she collected and read the whole series by VC Andrews. We didn’t see the movie versions. Now that you give a synopsis of the movies, gee, there is a lot of improper and I guess graphic relationships in them, yet I enjoyed it and let my daughter read them. I don’t know why, lol. When you actually read them you root for Chris and Cathy to be together, and then when you outline it, it’s like, oops wait… they’re brother and sister! Thanks for reminding me of these books. I don’t think I’ll watch the movies but I liked hearing about them.

  7. I rememer the books. Read them when I was in my tweens and I enjoyed them. My friends and I would read them together. It sure took a long time for them to make a movie on it. Hollywood must be reaching for ideas these days. I had no idea the movie was out though!

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