Morning Meanderings… The One In Which I Get Sick


So yeah.

A couple of nights ago I was folding up the blankets downstairs before I went to bed and I sniffled.  As soon as I did it I felt that little twinge in my throat, a little soreness. “No!” I thought… not now.

But yes now.

Yesterday I felt it when I woke up… the light sinus pressure, headache, runny nose… I sound like a walking advertisement for some powerful drug (which by the way if you know the name of. I may need it STAT!)  I took some aspirin and tried to carry on with my day, a few errands up town lunch with girlfriends, and then I was going to go shopping for the upcoming trip on Monday.


As the lunch went on with my friends I knew I was not going shopping.  I was fading into the booth and I was longing for my comfy chair and blanket.  So yeah… home I came and I curled up with said blanket… ate dinner with my husband and then was in bed by 9 pm.

For the record… going to bed at 9 for me leads to me up at 3:30 am, cleaning out leftovers out of the fridge so I can fill the dish washer and start it… I read a few emails… thought “this is nuts” and went back to bed until 7.


Today… still sniffly, light headache. sore throat.  I am pretty sure it is sinus’s from our funky no snow in Minnesota weather that has been in the 20’s and 30’s and not the temp is dropping and we should not see above zero for a while now.

Any hoo… I ramble.  My list of things to do must be worked on today.  I need to go and change out the Library window from Christmas to something just wintery… I need to start packing…

and eventually this afternoon I hope to sit down and enjoy my book.


Happy Saturday everyone.  🙂

44 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The One In Which I Get Sick

  1. This happens to me every year after Christmas. I think I get so wore out working and getting ready for Christmas that getting sick is my body’s way of saying “finally…you can sit down and rest for a while!” Unfortunately, that means I’ve been sick for my new year’s eve party more times than I can count! Hope you get some rest in before your big trip!

  2. Oh my….but on the plus side in 2 days you will have the worst of it over…and this dreariness of this midwest winter will be gone!!

  3. Zinc lozenges are the ‘go to’ at my place as soon as these symptoms appear. Nips it in the bud.
    Maybe when you’re out changing the library display, you can pop into the pharmacy for some to take now and take along.

    Wishing you ‘well’ ! 😉

  4. I agree with the others; it’s time to call a doctor! Sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery and a wonderful trip!

    1. LOL…. Its my bad that the library window hasn’t been changed out yet. It is a ll set for Christmas still and I just have not made it in. I am not going full change, just taking out the Christmas decorations and switching out a few books. 🙂

  5. going to sound dumb, but it works for me (and I get sinus infections all too often) – take a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and wiggle around in your nose – it will drain into your sinus’ and help to clear up any infection

    there are also things like nettie pots (which I hate) but others swear by

    feel better because being ill on your trip will be no fun

      1. i read someone they are actually testing it on people with COPD – injecting it into the chest, because it basically burns up the infection – I haven’t seen much more about it – but its intriguing

  6. Doctor won’t help unless it’s bacterial which its probably not. I had this exact same start to feeling sick and it knocked me flat with being sickest about four days later, unfortunately the night of a big Xmas party I couldn’t miss 😦 Maybe those zinc lozenges would help? Good luck and I hope you fight this better than I did!

  7. Ooh … I love Station Eleven. I am sorry you’re going through this, especially right before your trip. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate already. Feel well soon! ❤

  8. Sorry for another comment, but I am going to try to see if I get notifications of comments if I use a Word Press account. 🙂

    I still don’t get notices. 😦 😦

  9. Oh feel better!! About a month ago, I had something similar but I was feeling SO bad I didn’t even feel like reading. Ha. How is that even possible?? Hope you are enjoying Station Eleven, I loved it!

  10. I hated hearing that you’re sick, Sheila, especially when you’re so close to leaving AND flying :\ I saw someone mentioned a neti pot (excellent device, though I use the more convenient, controllable version: If you decide to try it, it’s an excellent natural way to dry up a drip if you have one, or simply rinse unwanted material from your nose.

    I, too, have used hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip and swirl it around my nose. I used to also aspirate it (diluted), but I don’t recommend that. In fact, recently, I’ve also used alcohol (not dripping, but rung out) on the Q-tip. It burns and I only do it when I feel I need to. I have also swished my mouth and gargled with hydrogen peroxide, careful not to swallow, of course. I let it sit for 5 min. then gargle with water and spit it out.

    Just so happens this was just recently posted. It’s about your ears popping while flying, and mentions how it’s more difficult if your sick with sinus issues. They suggest you take a decongestant before the flight:

    I would think, too, that if it goes to your chest, you may want to have an expectorant with you, like if you feel mucus in your lungs.

    I really hope you feel better for your trip, Sheila! 😀 😀 😀

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