Morning Meanderings… The Trip Unveil


Good morning!  It is the Morning of New Years Eve and I am honestly happy to see 2014 go.  It was not an easy year and I am looking forward to a fresh year and see what it holds in its days.

One of the things I have been hinting a bit at is that my hubby and I are taking a trip.  And not just any trip, for us, probably the trip of a lifetime.  On January 5th we are going to Australia and will not be back until January 23rd!  It’s crazy not like us.  In fact we have not ever been on a vacation together without the kids.  I am torn between exhilaration and anxiety.

We will be heading to Sydney, staying a couple of nights there and then boarding a cruise ship on January 10th.  We have stops in Australia and New Zealand.  We are going with 4 other people and I will be sending pictures as I can and posting as I can.


In the meantime, of course I am packing and planning, house sitters, dog sitters, wood stove sitters, and even…

blog sitters.

After the 5th, I have asked a group of regular chatters here on Book Journey to host a morning meandering.  I have had a positive response to this and am excited as their posts have already started coming in.  I think you will enjoy the visitors here at Book Journey… they will be nosing around my archives, chatting books and movies, and some will be sharing how we “met”.  It looks like it will be fun and I will pop in as I am available.

I am planning the books I will be taking and few real books will make this trip so I am planning on loading up the Kindle.  I suspect between the LONG plane rides and the sea time I will have plenty of time to enjoy books.

It’s all a little crazy for this small town girl. 🙂


This will also be the last day that you can send me your pictures of the first book that you will be reading into the New Year.  At this point you do not need to fill out the form to join.  If you want to be part of the “Reading around the world” collage, send a picture of you with your book today to: and I will add you.  This New Years post will go up tomorrow morning.


Have a super last day of 2014!!!!



60 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Trip Unveil

  1. Wow! When you said “trip,” I envisioned a nice one, but close by. Australia, New Zealand, etc…..what a dream vacation! You are long overdue, and I hope you have so much fun, and you will probably meet some blogger friends down under, too. Enjoy!

  2. Amazing trip! I am a bit jealous!. We have done two cruises and loved them both. Enjoy. You may have reading time on the plane, but the ship will keep you busy. Take advantage of it all. I sat on our deck with a book and found myself just watching the ocean go by! “funny’ See you end of January!

  3. That’s wonderful Sheila! I’m so happy for you! Australia and New Zealand are dream trips for me so I look forward to seeing your photos and reading your thoughts about the countries! I wish you the best of vacations and a very happy new year!

  4. Will you be dropping into Hobart, Tasmania on your cruise? If so I might be able to show you around for the day. It’s a wonderful place. Just curious. I have done this with another blogger who came out from England.

  5. Delighted that you will cruise into New Zealand. I was thinking so she is going to Australia its not that far to NZ! But you have it covered! I have been to Sydney and loved it. Wow I bet you have a total ball.

  6. Cant believe you could keep a trip like that under wraps! Get a copy of bill bryson’s in a sunburned country…about his travels to australia and its history..hilarious and good stuff. Your pups will miss you!

  7. I think this trip sounds fanTAStic! Though I do understand the anxiety. I’ve done very little travelling in my life, and none off the U.S. mainland, unless you consider the island of Manhattan 😉

    What I’m hoping to see are pics of Hobbiton! 😀 😀 😀 You’ll have a GREAT time, I’m sure 😀

  8. Oh fabulous! I’m so jealous. My daughter is dying to go to Australia, and while I’m more of a homebody, I do admit it would be a fantastic experience. Have a great time:-D

  9. Sheila here are some places in Sydney if you were interested in checking them out; Devon Cafe for breakfast/brunch (I haven’t been to this one but I’ve heard it’s really good, it is quite small though), if you like Asian cuisine then Seoul Ria for really authentic Korean food (I would recommend the chicken katsu though!), I don’t know if they have Max Brenner chocolate cafes in Minnesota but they’re in Sydney if you wanted to go (: And go to Circular Quay for the Opera House and Harbour Bridge + Darling Harbour is very pretty at night. Hope you have a lovely trip!

  10. Woohoo … you’re coming Down Under!! You are going to have a fabulous time, wish you were coming to Brisbane, I’d love to meet up. But have fun in beautiful Sydney, so much to see and do. Can’t wait to see photos 🙂

  11. Wow, a most wonderful adventure for you and hubby! I am beyond jealous but also excited that someone I know is going somewhere I would love to go… on my bucket list is: Ireland, England, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. I’ve only been to Canada a few times outside U.S. Enjoy, have fun, put down the books to take lots of photos to remember this great trip!

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