Morning Meanderings…Christmas Eve Eve


Happy Christmas Eve Eve for all of you who do Christmas.  Things are wrapping up (*pun intended) nicely here. I have most of the shopping done, the tree is set and tomorrow Justin will roll in about noon to start our two days of awesome Christmas time fun!  I am not sure what will be on our agenda yet other than board games, movies, snacks, and hanging out.  In other words… it is perfect. 🙂

This morning I have a small list of last-minute items from the grocery store, one last gift stop, and then I should be done.  I am heading out early (now!) to hopefully beat the hordes of last minuters such as myself.  Once home I think I will pop into a book for a while… it has been a lot of audio lately and I could use a little book time. 🙂

How is your holiday weekend coming together?  Big plans?  Staying at home or venturing out?  Any fun traditions or happenings?  🙂

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…Christmas Eve Eve

  1. Got a doc appt Christmas Eve, and we aren’t doing much today but toddling over to the local branch library to deliver author bookmarks and pick up some DVDs because we will lose our cable tomorrow( fix the bugs or eat or watch DTV? DTV lost) and we might want to watch SOMETHING anyway. Decided reading a cozy mystery wins over historical fiction right now… settling in for a long green Christmas. Love the hat BTW

  2. We’re looking forward to two days of at home fun, then it’s on the road for family visits. Happy holidays- and enjoy the all the good time!

  3. I like you and your son’s agenda. Holiday prep was hectic this year, especially since I knitted or crocheted a couple of gifts + baked two others. We have been potlucking Christmas Eve. Our ohana has been hosting as we have the tree and my mum dumped her old artificial. This year, we all were a bit worried. My younger brother’s baby boy has had jaundice issues and lab results revealed he may have to go under the lights for a few days. But luck ran strong and my new nephew was with us! I made flour tracks of Trader Joe baby back ribs along with Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes and Savory Sweet Life’s vanilla buttercream cream.

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