Morning Meanderings…A Fun Win and There’s Always Toast


Good morning.  I am here this morning in my home.  It is gently snowing outside, my head is still filled with funk but I am trying to push through it… I can not change the things out of my control… I can only pray for peace and the ability to move forward.

And then I thought, well at least there is toast. 🙂  Toast would be good… warm with coffee, maybe a little peanut butter on it and a little honey….

and then I remembered that we had chicken wild rice soup a couple of nights ago and we had company… and the bread was eaten.  All of it.


no toast.


Well, I do have a winner. 🙂  A couple of weeks ago I posted a quiz for those participating in the Harry Potter Readalong.  It was a quiz on the Chamber Of Secrets and it was fun to create it.  The questions came from things I learned as I read the book.  Things I either never picked up on or had forgotten.  Here are the questions and the answers:

(*Yes possible spoilers if you have never read the book)

1.  How did Harry and Ron miss the Hogwarts Express?  They were unable to get through the barrier to 9 3/4 (later to be discovered that Dobby had put a spell on it)


2.  What did Ron have to do for detention for driving the car to Hogwarts?  He had to polish all the trophies in the trophy room with Filch.


3.  What did Harry have to do for detention for being in the car driven to Hogwarts?  He had to answer Professor Lockheart’s fan mail.


4.  What was the letter called that Ron received from his mother about taking the car?  A Howler


5.  What is the password to the Slytherin common room?  Pure Blood


6.  What healed Harry’s arm in the Chamber?  Fawkes tears


7.  How many points did Ron and Harry each earn for solving the Chamber Of Secrets?  200 points each


8.  How was Dobby set free?  Harry tricked Lucius into giving Dobby a sock


9.  What did Ginny see her brother Percy doing that he did not want anyone to know about?  He was kissing (snogging!) Penelope Clearwater


10.  Where did Harry go at the end of the school year?  Back to the Dursley’s


Thanks to everyone who took the quiz!  It had a great turnout and for the most part everyone had the answers right.  The hardest question appeared to be the points that Ron and Harry won, that one had a lot of different answers.

Our winner, using RANDOM.ORG is…

Hannah from Wordlily!

YAY Hannah!!!  I am emailing the gift card this morning!

Watch for more quizzes and fun Harry Potter things coming up as we continue the readalong.  Winners do need to be participants in the readalong – you can sign up here.


Today – I need to go shopping apparently 🙂  I require…. toast.

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…A Fun Win and There’s Always Toast

  1. Congrats, Hannah! 😀 I love Harry Potter quizzes, only in looking at these answers, I got one wrong 😦 I think that for the points, I was confusing it with the House Points they earned in Sorcerer’s Stone! Oh, well lol

    And, I do hope you enjoy your toast DOUBLEY good since you had to do without it for breakfast 🙂

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