The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham

The Snow Queen, Michael Cunningham, Book Journey

November 2004.  Barrett Meeks has once again lost love.  While walking through Central Park he looks up at the sky and sees a bright light almost like an eye watching him from the sky.  While Barrett does not believe in God or a superior being, he can not deny what he has seen.

Barrett’s brother Tyler at this time, is trying to write the perfect love song for his terminally ill soon to be wife.  It needs to be the perfect sentiment of love.

While Barrett turns towards faith after his night of seeing the light, Tyler believes that only drugs can bring him the creativeness he needs to write music.  Both brothers searching…. for something more.



I wish I could say I loved this book.  I can say, I love the idea of this book.  I am not sure what did not work for me but I just did not get into it the way I know I do when I really enjoy a good read.  I liked Barrett’s story line and perhaps I was hoping for more.

At the end of the audio (and I would believe the book as well) there is an interview with the author that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Hearing the vision for the book through him, I almost with that interview would have been in the beginning of the book as I feel it may have flowed better for me with that knowledge.

I think this is one of those, it is not the book, it is me things 🙂

Narration by Claire Danes was wonderful.  Just another of her many talents!



  • Audio CD: 6
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio; Unabridged edition (May 6, 2014)


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