Deciphering: Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets by J K Rowling


There is a reason this series comes up time and again when book lovers are asked “what books would you consider reading again?”  The Harry Potter books are timeless, and each time I experience them I walk away with something more.  ~Sheila

This probably is a book that need no introduction but because I enjoy writing synopses and because I think it is fun… here we go.

It is year two and as it is summer time Harry is back home with the Dursley’s.  Not a lot has changed since his acceptance into Hogwarts, Harry is still treated like dirt – the only difference is the Dursley’s do not know he is not allowed to use magic outside of school so they are a bit cautious.

When Harry does finally get back to school (and what a fun roller coaster of an event that it!)  He discovers that this year too will bring along its own trials.  With a new dark arts teacher that is so full of himself you want to puke, a first year who idolizes Harry to the point that he is practically Harry’s shadow, Malfoy still up to his old tricks, and now something about a hidden chamber that has been closed for fifty years….

life is anything but dull.

Ron and Harry in the Weasley Car

I have read the entire Harry Potter series once before as they came out.  A few years after that I listened to the entire series on audio one after another.  This is my first time however picking up each book and reading them in order within weeks of each other.

I am re-reading this time for the Harry Potter Re-Read I am hosting.  I am thrilled to say that 50+ other book lovers and bloggers have signed on to do this with me.  It has been fun watching the posts go up, the twitter feed (#hpreadalong), and enjoying the books with veterans of the series as well as newbies.

Chamber Of Secrets brought out many themes I had not thought about before in previous reads.  For one, the child neglect that Harry goes through as the Dursleys’ lock him in his room as a punishment, not letting him out and pushing his food through a slot.  I don’t think I had thought about that so closely before but this time it really sat with me that the Dursley’s really need Child Protection Services called on them STAT.

I also picked up on J K’s strong theme of friendship and what that means when you filled beloved, as well as when you feel hated.  True friends are hard to come by and the friendship that Ron and Hermione show Harry is a tribute to friendships in general.  With a good friend, you are not alone to fight your battles… and battles, Harry has.

As I read this second book in the series I thought about the books as a whole and realized that while Hogwarts is cool, the years – all of them really… are hard on Harry.  This is the second year in a row where Harry has to handle a hard situation.  From reading the series I know as most of you do, there are more hard years to come…

yet Harry, as I, can not wait to see what the next year holds… and maybe this next year…

he wont miss the train.  🙂

Chamber Of Secret fans, I created a quiz you are welcome to take.  Those signed up for the readalong will win House Points for participating in the quiz, and possibly a gift card.  Either way, test your knowledge of the Chamber! 

20 thoughts on “Deciphering: Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets by J K Rowling

  1. Great synopsis, Sheila! I just adore these books and have turned out to be REALLY glad you started this. I think NOW has turned out to be a very good time for me to finally reread them. And now that I’m nearly done with Azkaban, when the books REALLY start heating up, I’m totally engaged and thinking about them while I’m not reading. Didn’t think that could happen, but it has! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks Sue, it was there as I have been responding to comments. That whole post was weird – last night it would not show the title to the post even though I checked and double checked to see that it was there. GAH! 😀

  2. I was waiting for the twitter party that never happened last night. Sorry I wasn’t that vocal with my tweets but I was right there with you Sheila lol I even watched the movie twice . I loved it! The Phoenix is an interesting bird as is the sword of Gryffindor. How funny that it just appears whenever someone loyal needs it? I’m glad Ginny is alright .

  3. Man I just love this series so much! I’m glad that you are doing a rereadalong! I definitely need to go and reread these books again some time 😀

  4. Yeah, the Dursleys definitely suck! I kind of wish they had gotten more of a comeuppance at the end of the series, but I suppose that was beside the point. I do think the second film did a great job with the friendship theme as well. 😀 Great post! Here’s mine!

  5. Harry’s treatment by his muggle family (their’s is the name I dare not speak!) reminds me a lot of James and the Giant Peach. It’s amazing how little humans can persevere in such circumstances. It’s the perfect contrast to what love and care look like at Hogwarts.

    Thanks so much for hosting this readalong. I haven’t had this much fun reading in much too long.

  6. I am loving this rereadathon and meeting new Potterheads!

    I agree that CoS definitely had an emphasis on friendship. I love this theme throughout the series, and it really becomes evident in Chamber of Secrets.

    Can’t wait to try my hand at that quiz too! 🙂

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