Chamber Of Secrets Book Quiz


Ready to test your knowledge of year two at Hogwarts?  Take the Chamber Of Secrets quiz between Dec 7th and 12th for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card.  Quiz may only be taken one time per person.  You must be signed up for the Harry Potter readalong to participate.  10 House Points for each participant.


Comments on this post are worth 2 house points each – NO SPOILERS to the quiz please in the comments…. spoilers,will cost you 5 house points (and you know how Snape likes to take away points!  🙂

  1. Great quiz!!

  2. Just lovin’ this, Sheila…as you know! 😀

  3. Fantastic quiz Sheila! It has been about a month since I’ve read “Chamber” and was a great refresher.

  4. I thought it was too hard for me and required a lot of effort. (lol) I hope I don’t get a fail :p

  5. I am pretty sure that I didn’t get that quiz 100% correct, but it was fun. I should have reread it first. LOL! Great questions!!

  6. Excellent! Thank you for reviving so many fun Potter memories!!!

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