Morning Meanderings… Live From Mankato!


Good morning!  No coffee yet but I can see a Starbucks down the block so that will be my stop on my way back to the Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference.  It will be a whirlwind day of sessions, I speak at the 11:15 session about Friends Of The Library Projects and then lunch and another session and …

well… I will save the details for Saturday Snapshot. 😉

Here is my hotel table this morning.


I started Delancey last night and it sucked me right in.  Molly’s writing is very good and I hope to read her other books as well.  This is the true telling of how her and her husband started a restaurant, Delancey’s.  BUT it is more than about the restaurant… it is about the people who surround them, the recipes they survived on, and their marriage.

I am going to go get ready – pack up my car… see what the breakfast area has and then head over to find parking which as I found out last night is not easy.  It is either tow zone areas if you park there or it is two-hour parking.  I obviously need a better space. 🙂

Have a super day all!

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