Morning Meandering… Half Way Through The Banned

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Wednesday!  I feel…..

good and going too many different directions for sure.  Why did banned book week have to fall in such a  busy week?  Board meetings, helping friends, dinner out, movies, and the book sale.  I think next year I need to plan a week at the cabin so I can just read what I want to read…

and really…. isn’t that what banned book week is all about?  Being allowed to read what we want to read?

Today I add another group of fellow passionate Banned Book Bloggers to the mix.  Please check out these amazing posts:


Stormi at Books, Movies, Reviews!  Oh My!  Posted about censorship with some great quotes!


Jenna from Lost Generation Reader has a giveaway for a banned book of your choice!


Vicki at Reading At The Beach has a review of the banned book, The Call Of The Wild by Jack London


Felicia at The Geeky Bloggers Book Blog talks about Book Banning In Texas as well as her super cool library and banned books AND a super cool giveaway too!


Sue at Book by Book shares her thoughts on Book Banning and what she is reading this week – great thoughts on banning! 


Holly At Gun In Act One (what a fun blog name!) writes a passionate post about the ridiculousness of trying to protect our kids from reading about drugs, alcohol, etc.. when the outcome of this use in the books is truly a reason to not do any of the above!  Seriously – check out this fun and meaningful post!


Ya hoo!  Let’s give it up for our great supporters of Banned Books!  Ya’ all complete me :).  And do not forget to check out those who have posted earlier this week.  There are fun posts and giveaways and I would not want you to miss out.  🙂


And since Felicia posted pics of her libraries Banned Books window… I figured I would post mine as well.  This is the window currently set up at the library.  Note that Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is front and Center… a personal attack on that one right in our town – more on that later today.  😉







Have you picked up a banned book yet this week?  If not… are you sure?  Chances are you have read a banned/challenged book this year.


*Note:  Commenting on any of my banned book related posts this week will enter you into my giveaway.  (one entry per relevant comment)

17 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Half Way Through The Banned

  1. OH I love your libraries banned book window! I love that libraries and the ALA get behind banned book week so much. I even picked up a handful of the bookmarks to put in the giveaway tote because they were so awesome! 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice job on the banned books window! I still remember a Candid Camera skit I watched a while back. In the skit a customer was at a bookstore and was about to pay for his/her purchase. Before ringing it up, the cashier took out a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut out “offensive” passages. This skit was repeated several times with different customers and their reactions(mostly negative) were recorded.

    Holly’s post sounds like exactly how I feel about exposing kids to the dangers of drugs, alcohol…Parents are not doing their kids a favor by “protecting” them. Rather, they are putting them in danger by keeping them ignorant. Parents SHOULD encourage their kids to read about such topics and be open to discussion.

    As long as I’ve been reading your blog, I don’t recall a time when you didn’t have a busy week 😉

  3. As far as I know, the book I’m reading this week hasn’t ben challenged or banned, but it does have fairies and magic and takes place in a literal underworld, so there’s a decent chance.

    Also, I agree with something you said earlier this week: Why isn’t there an all-inclusive list of banned/challenged books somewhere? It’d be a lot of work to maintain, but worth it, surely.

  4. I don’t think I can manage to finish one this week but I did read To Kill a Mockingbird this year. I didn’t know it was challenged actually and was shocked to find out about it later – in fact as I finished reading it, I was thinking every young kid,especially girls, should read this for sure !

  5. Enjoyed seeing your Banned Book Week display. I need to drop by my library and see what they have going on! Been kind of a hermit this week, reading and stitching.

  6. Cool banned book displays. I need to get to my two local libraries and check out their displays. I am reading a recently challenged book, I Hunt Killers, but due to helping care for my grandson this week I will most likely not finish it.

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