Morning Meanderings… Books in and Banned Book Week is ON!


Good morning – happy Sunday… all of that 🙂  It has been a wonderful weekend away at our cabin with my friend Wendy – watching movies, exploring the area… waiting for the roofer dude.  Now home and prepping for this amazing week (the fall book sale is at the Library!) and I had books and audio come in this week:


You can see there are two books there with the word Christmas in them as well as a book called Winter Falls.  Eep!  I am so not ready for cold and snow!  🙂





I am super giddy excited about today because it is the official kick off to Banned Books Week which you know I LOVE and take a huge part in every year. I will have guest posts going on here, linking up other Banned Book Week posts each day, writing about banned books and banned book reviews as well as the occasional giveaway.  YOU will not want to miss out on a post – this is going to be FUN.

AND It is not too late for you to check out about this fun week and join in!

Each year during this week I only read banned books. So much fun and I read such great books – classics, and more.  I think this week is so important to be educated on what constitutes a banned/challenged book that I have also decided to make it a tab at the top of Book Journey so you can read all my banned book reviews through the years!  I think you may be surprised by what books are considered banned.  In fact, this morning you can read about a personal banned book experience that happened right here in my home town this year over at the amazing Krystal’s Books Are My Thing.  She as well will be having a lot of fun things happening for banned books week so please stop over and see what she is doing as well.

It drives me absolutely batty that I can not find an all-inclusive banned books list that I can link too, but here is one and perhaps one of these days I will start my own banned books list as I run across them.


I hope you plan to read a banned book this week (at least one!) in honor of banned books week!  They are not hard to find and they do not have to be long (Charlotte’s Web, Little Red Riding Hood, The Giving Tree, Winnie The Pooh, Harriet The Spy, Alice In Wonderland, Where The Wild Things Are, The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, The Wizard Of Oz…)

All comments this week will go on banned books posts (including this one) will go into a drawing at the end of the week for you choice of:







$10.00 towards a Banned book of your choice.


So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and join the banned! 



49 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books in and Banned Book Week is ON!

  1. First up on my list this week is ‘Animal Farm’. It will be a reread for me but one that I haven’t read in years for lack of time. I absolutely love Banned Books Week. I’ve got to pick out some great reads for my elementary aged kids as well. They’ve already read many at their reading level from the lists so I’m going to have to dig a bit deeper into the years or pick one to read aloud.

  2. I love the idea of reading only banned books during Banned Books week. I wish I’d heard of that sooner (the idea, that is; I knew about the week.) As it is, I’ve got a bunch of new books that I have to read this week, because I have tours coming up. Next year, though, I’ll definitely give this some thought ahead of time.

  3. I always like to see what books have been banned so I can read them and see what the fuss is about! Some of my favorite books have been banned – like The Giver and the Harry Potter series! I love this hop 🙂

  4. Sheila I love reading your posts everyday…I just can’t believe that a classic like {Gone with the wind} is a banned book SERIOUSLY?…..just who makes these decisions…I would like to re-read them all to see what the problem is….enjoy all your comments…keep up the great work…wow it makes me tired to see how much you accomplish in a wk

  5. I love Banned Book Week! I work in an independent bookstore and I am proud to say that the schools in our communities are still reading books like Farenheit 451, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies and To Kill a Mockingbird!
    And I love your enthusiasm about Banned Book Week!

  6. I remember the first time I’d heard of Potter being banned. It was because of the “magic”. The true magic was the reading phenomena. So many classics …NOW classics…are still considered banned…Mark Twain….Heather has Two Mommies….but others you might figure to be aren’t….go figure….no rhyme or reason. How much of all if this is power OVER….AA

  7. OK, excuse me, but these made my jaw drop the most: Charlotte’s Web? Where The Wild Things Are? Winnie the Pooh and Green Eggs and Ham are POLITICAL?! Seriously?!! What? Was Eor not a good representative of the Democratic party, and perhaps someone read into Sam as being a mockery of Uncle?! Sheesh!

  8. I’ve been doing my own reading of banned books and reviews:) I’ve read two books so far, listening to a third, I’ve never really participated until this year, but I’m reading away! yay for banned books

  9. I’ve only read a few banned books, mostly thanks to your Banned Book Week’s!

    I love those socks even though I don’t need socks living in Florida, but I do drink coffee, and that cup is awesome…still, who could resist a $10.00 towards a Banned book?

  10. I’m re-reading my favourite banned book- To kill a mockingbird- in honor of banned books week. I just fail to see the point of banning such wonderful books, its such a shame! I have yet to catch up on so many amazing banned books its crazy, haha!

  11. Every time I read the list of banned books I gasp at the reasons people give for wanting and then I despair that groups like school governing boards and public library management teams give into those demands instead of seeing that we need to have children able to make up their own minds

  12. I love your enthusiasm. I still shake my head when looking at banned books lists. If a book is banned, it just makes me want to read it more. I think..hmmm…there must be some strong message in that book that someone did not like. I don’t believe books should be banned…period.

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