Morning Meanderings…. I Got The Funk


Good morning.

You know when you stare at a word long enough you start to think it is spelled wrong?  That is what happened to me this morning with “meandering”.  When trying to update the meme pic (is it a meme?  I don’t even know… probably not… just a something I do.)



Look at it.  Say it.  Do it enough.. you question yourself.  Or, more to the point, I do.  Meandering.  Soon the word has lost all meaning….

Moving on…

I feel a little funky today.  I woke up with a headache that makes me feel pukey.  I am tired for no reason today.  I went to the gym and went through the motions but was not into it.  Now home, I am thinking i will keep it a low impact day.  You know… research on-line, a little reading, a little writing.  Making chicken soup for dinner.

I am listening to a Joan Rivers audio.  I thought it would be appropriate to listen to something the woman had written as I really did not follow her career, not am I am a big fan of the award shows.  I was curious as to what made her who she was…. for the record – this audio book is not telling me that.  It is not about her life to star-dome…nope.  It is in diary format and she bashes people, is totally inappropriate, racist, and while occasionally funny… it’s mostly harsh.  Should make for an interesting review…


22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. I Got The Funk

  1. I actually do look at words that I use and see all the time and find them STRANGE and seemingly foreign. LOL

    Exhaustion? Sounds like it, with a headache and all. Someone needs to take some down time….

  2. I blame the weather. Change of seasons, allergies, plant pollen, all that good stuff. I have scratchy eyes today – which is not the best for reading or writing! Chicken soup helps. 🙂

    I like Joan Rivers in small doses. I have one of her books in audio which I will probably listen to in the car during short trips to do errands.

  3. hope u feel better…those kind of days are loonggg..joan rivers was funny early an inappropriate way…but the last years just found her mean.

  4. Where I grew up…in Ohio…we had a Meander Lake and a Meander Dam…no clue why I am sharing this but it sort of has to do with meandering…lol…we would meander at Meander Lake!

    Sometimes it’s good to have days when you just stay home and do nothing…today is my day to stay home and think about my life…sigh!

  5. She wasn’t very likable but she was a trailblazer. She was one of those no holds barred, break the glass ceiling, pave the way type of women. She had crass humor and often it was aimed at specific people. That being said there is a whole slew of women comics that owe her a lot because she made it easier for women to be accepted as comedians.

    I hope your headache feels better soon!

    1. This is great! I really did not think about her being a trailblazer. I honestly do not even know how she got her start and forgot that she was a comic… I just thought she was very good at being sarcastic. 😀

  6. Sorry you’re funky today! Hope you feel better soon.

    Joan Rivers was harsh, but no person was immune to her jabs, not even her. You either liked her or didn’t at all. I was in the like category. She did go too far sometimes though. I did admire her for not giving up and fighting for her place in the comic world…that took years & guts. Without her, women comics may be far and few between today.

  7. Oh, I’ve had that “word” thing happen many times over the years, and I find that sometimes it’s worse when they’re written in ALL CAPS lol And, you know, I’m thinking your headache and feeling funky could probably be the aftermath of something you ate. It’s amazing how what we ingest effects in ways we don’t realize. My reactions have gotten more severe and immediate through the years, having become more obvious, which is why I’m saying it. A lot of times—mold-related foods : / Just mentioning it in case you want to pay attention next time it happens and see if there’s a correlation.

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