Morning Meanderings… New Books And Audio In The House!

Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

Good morning and happy Sunday.

Turns out… we did not go to the cabin.  I was on my way to take Mater (our Beale basset hound) to the kennel for the weekend when Al called.  He was in the office and had opened his emails and found that he had just too much to take care of in our business to take off for a couple of days.


On the other hand… being a cup is half full kind of gal… I just received a free weekend where I was not going to be in town and have planned nothing.  LOVE it!  Yesterday I spent catching up on emails and blog reading. I listened to audio and wrote two book reviews. We saved money by not putting Mater in the kennel.  I picked up chicken to grill, rented a few movies, and last night Al and I shared a bottle of wine and relaxed.

Not too shabby for Sheila 🙂


And… there are BOOKS.  I was not home last Sunday so this is an accumulation of two weeks:



An Event in Autumn by Henning Mankell (audio)

Love Letters by Debbie Macomber (audio)

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (audio)

The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman (audio)

Along Came A Spider by James Patterson (audio)

Kiss The Girls by James Patterson (audio)

In A Rocket Made Of Ice by Gail Gertradt (audio)

Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs

Three Story House by Courtney Miller Santo

desire lines by Christina Baker Kline

crooked river by Valerie Geary

The Barter by Siobhan Adcock


I can not wait to dig in to these great reads and listens!  Today is another dreary overcast day here in Central Minnesota.  A perfect day I think to dig into a good book, maybe do a little writing.

What are you doing with your Labor Day Weekend?  Any friends gathering?  Camping, potlucking, grilling, going on?


15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… New Books And Audio In The House!

  1. I’m working Monday, so no big plans. I did go to Barnes and Noble yesterday and buy a bunch of stuff (Halloween decor, coffee mug, and strangely, only 1 book), and hang out with my book blogging friend Kim. Today I’m just going to relax and work on commenting.

    Love all the audiobooks! I’ve gotten to the point where I hate driving or grocery shopping without an audiobook playing. 😉

  2. I’m immersed in two tasks this long weekend:

    1) Roast, mill and freeze 25 pounds of Roma tomatoes (Friday Farmers’ Market score).
    2) Resolve plot sticking point (done!) and start on Chapter 4 of novel.

    The cool and cloudy weather is great for those tasks!

  3. We are relaxing with papers and coffees…soon books and movies. I love staying at home during busy holidays. Perhaps a day trip later this week to the beach…I am wondering if I can read the new Lev Grossman book without having read the first one…or are there two?

  4. I think we’re going to just relax at home since we just got back with the kids from Hershey Park. Which of course means I’m going to start my reading for the Travel the World in Books Read-A-Thon.

  5. I love spending a quiet weekend when it’s a holiday…I’m watching movies, reading, and just being lazy.

    Enjoy your “found” weekend…and I am eager to read Three Story House, which I see on your stack.

  6. Sorry you didn’t get to go to the cabin but I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend anyway.

    I just finished reading Big Little Lies this afternoon and I loved it. I think I liked it more than The Husband’s Secret even.

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