Morning Meanderings… CHANGES. Stay Awake For It


Life is strange.

Stay awake for it.  😉

I am sitting here this morning pajama clad and coffee ready.  It is the start of what looks to be another beautiful day.  I feel much like I am on the brink of something new and exciting but at the same time I am all knotted up inside.

Tomorrow will be my last day at a job that I have had for over ten years.  It is something I have given a lot of thought too… prayed over for the last couple of months… and finally took the step I needed to.  Current life happenings helped me make the final decision… (life has a funny way of doing that).

While sentimental Sheila is sad to move on from something she really enjoyed, realistic and adventurous Sheila knows it is the right thing to do.  It is possible to be sad and excited all rolled into one.  Future plans include setting up my home office, putting my writing back on track, and being able to say yes to a few offers that have come in that I had to say no to in the past.

Life also…

is never dull.

Last weekend my friend Amy and I were on the Tour Of Saints bike ride which we do every year.  I will talk more about the ride on Saturday morning but for now, I want to talk about the coffee. 🙂 mmmmm coffee.

I picked up coffee the morning of the ride at Carribou Coffee and saw they had a promotion going on for people who took pictures of whatever they were doing with their coffee and hast tagged it #stayawakeforit.  Always game for new things I figured why not.  I would think leaving in the early hours on a Sunday morning for a what was going to be a sweltering hot day would be worthy…

Sheila DeChantal, Amy Price


Life… is not always easy.  But is can be adventurous, and fun, and as I mentioned above…. never – NEVER dull.  Stay awake for it.  😉


What are your “stay Awake For It” moments happening right now?

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… CHANGES. Stay Awake For It

  1. WTG on having the courage to make changes. I recently did that too (not with work) but in finally getting my own home. It is crazy scary but something that is rewarding too. Good luck with the writing I will be cheering you on!

  2. Good for you! Change is difficult but you have to do what makes you happy. Good luck on your new adventure!

  3. I always envied your stories about your job as it seemed like a perfect fit with your abilities and interests. Am curious to see your new adventure! Best wishes

  4. Change can be invigorating, and you definitely have the right attitude. I raise my cup of coffee in toast and send good thoughts your way for much success!

  5. Change can be a scary thing but also a very good thing. You seem to have the right attitude to be a total success. I wish you luck!

  6. Big change like that is always bittersweet, Sheila, but I’m so proud of you for doing it. Praying is certainly a way to help make decisions like that 😀 Good luck with all the NEW things in store!

    As far as my “stay awake for it” moment? Well, I don’t think I can pick just one because, to me, every morning I wake up (for the past 2 years having developed the habit of coffee aiding me with that!) is a reason to stay awake 🙂

  7. I am not comfortable with big changes, but my husband thrives on it, so now we are here in CA– my 4th state in less than 30 years. We don’t go on vacations, we just move there, lol. He also pushed me to go back to college in my 50s after goofing off as a teen and only doing 1 year. Unfortunately I became disabled and didn’t finish but I am so grateful for new experiences. This is a long way of saying Go for it, don’t look back. As long as you don’t engage in “what-ifs” then you will be fine. If you are going to concentrate on your writing, I say wonderful, since I have been a faithful reader here for years and love to hear about your books and your life 🙂

  8. Change is exciting and frustrating, but I’m excited for you. I’d say I’m in a little slump right now, I do love being a SAHM but there are other things that call to me. I am “Staying awake for it”

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