LETHAL by Sandra Brown

LETHAL Sandra Brown, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney


Honor Gillette is a young widower of a Police Officer.  She now lives alone with her 4-year-old daughter trying hard to provide a stable life for them both.  When a man is found laying in their yard apparently harmed Honor goes to help him only to discover that he is the man flashed across the tv screen that the police are looking for the murder of 7 people, Lee Coburn.

Lee takes Honor and her daughter hostage in their own home, promising if they cooperate he will not hurt them.  Honor has no choice but to do as he says. As the days unfold Honor realizes that Coburn is much more than what the media is saying… in fact as Honor is about to learn – nothing is as it seems and who to trust, including those closest to her becomes the burning question.

How do you run away from the very people who days earlier would have been the ones you would run to?




I read this book as part of our June book exchange for book club.  This is the book that I picked out of the pile of wrapped books.  I had attempted Sandra Brown a few years back thinking I would like her writing style but struggled and had not finished the book, or picked her up since.  This was going to be another attempt.


LETHAL was an ok read.  From the moment Honor finds Coburn in her yard and takes her hostage I started having a little Labor Day by Joyce Maynard feeling.  Both books had single mom’s and a single child, both books the woman was taken hostage…. While in many ways the books are not alike, there was just enough there to make me feel like I had been here before.

The storyline felt a bit over the top, however I did find the book to be interesting enough to keep me going to find out what was going to happen.  When I shared my thoughts with my book club in July about this book I called it a steamier version of Labor Day.  In the end I preferred Lee Coburn’s character over Henry in Labor Day.  Coburn was someone I could cheer on…. Henry… not so much.








10 thoughts on “LETHAL by Sandra Brown

  1. I read Lethal in 2011, and loved it! I still remember it so vividly, like I just read it. Sorry you didn’t like it as much as I did. I guess I’ll have to get a copy of Labor Day (it’s been on my tbr list but now I’m moving it up to the top) and read it since you liked it so much more than Lethal!

  2. I have read several Sandra Brown’s over the years. She is very hit or miss for me. A couple of books I liked a lot and a few were so not me. I think her insta-lust and persistent sensual scenes distracted me from the plot in several of her stories. Sorry you didn’t like it more. When I remember which of hers were an okay read for me, will pass it on. Rita_h @ My Home of Books

  3. This one was actually out before Labor Day, and when Labor Day came out, I was all deja vu re the plot. I liked this one, but just wanted to say she was there first! :–)

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