Morning Meanderings… Preparing To Meet The Queen!



I know right?  As of today we are 6 days out from our annual Queen Event for book club.  6 DAYS!!!

If you are familiar with our book club “happenings”  every July since… (hmmm…. I should know this) well, for many years, we dress up in formal wear and have a coronation for Bookies Queen of the year.  It comes from the book Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King. (Yes,worth the read!)

2013 Bookies Queen Event, Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal
Bookies Queen Event 2013

We usually grill, talk books, eat lots of tasty foods… and have a LOT OF FUN!  The competition is all in fun.  And the girls really get into their speeches…

Brendas dress
Brenda’s dress last year was partially made of book. MADE OF BOOK! Genius!


Queen Event 2012


and I think I mentioned delicious food…

2012 food


Queen Event 2011


2011 - OW!
2011 was also the year that I had sprung my wrist and broke my finger while riding in a 150 mile bike ride. But… the event must go on…. bling included 😉
Queen Event 2010

Alright… now I am getting into this… maybe I will save more for Saturday snapshot.  And I must prepare my speech…. I think I have an idea…


Book club people – do you do things above and beyond the books?  IE.  potlucks, dinners out, movies, road trips?  I would love to know 🙂

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Preparing To Meet The Queen!

  1. I’ve only been in my book group for a few years but they are evolving in a very positive way. We are adding other events to our book club activities. A few months ago we met for dinner and we are already planning an outing to the movies to see Gone Girl this fall. It was one of our better discussions and we can’t wait to see what changes are made in the movie. And I think there is a holiday party in the works for the end of the year. And we had our first author visit last month.

  2. and here I thought, cool – Sheila’s wearing long gloves with her gown!
    then next photo is the closeup … ooops! but cool creativity with the bling =)
    no to your question, but yes to wishing it was so …;)
    HapPy morning meanderings…

  3. It has been years since I belonged to a book club…and that one was a disaster! I’m writing a book about it…I think. Found the old manuscript on my flash drive and I’m reworking it.

  4. Ours has been in the running for 15+ years. We used to have movie nights and outings but lately, not so much. Mostly because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. People are too busy. This month we are meeting for breakfast to discuss The Goldfinch. Which I really need to read! I got distracted by The Three.

  5. I wish I lived near you just to be in that book club–how much fun you always have!
    Well, as some know, I just joined my first book club last month, and it has only been in existence for less than a year, so time will tell if we do more than just discuss books and drink coffee. Enjoy your coronation!

  6. Laurel I want to read about your book club gone bad! My mom’s book is highly organized with newsletters and food and decor themed to match the book. It is always in the founders home (She has a big house and there are about 30 members) and she calls the meeting to order with a gavel! There are dues to cover the cost of mailing and ink and also donations are made to various reading funds. We have donated to prisons, Braille materials and lots of underprivileged kids funding. I personally get $50/ year to spend on my special needs students who don’t have access to a library in the summer so I buy them books to read until school starts. I really enjoy being a part of this group!

  7. What a gorgeous pic of you, Sheila! So much so, even your cast didn’t ruin your outfit! lol And Brenda’s beautifully-bookish dress reminded me of this:

    http ://jennifer pritchardbridal. wordpress. com/2010/10/18/once-upon-a-time%E2%80%A6-the-dress-made-from-books-for-a-fairy-tale-reading/ #jp-carousel-141


  8. Wow that looks so fun. Our book club (just 3 of us regularly) has a hard time meeting. We started inviting our kids too as we read through the Harry Potter series just so us moms can attend. Its fun having kids perspective. We have a couple books to go. I love the book exchange idea. I keep meaning to do that with our group but forget!

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