Morning Meanderings… First Half Of The Year Update and Audio Month Extention!


Good morning and WOW… July!

That came WAY too fast!   I felt so awesome going into the new year and now I feel behind…  in reality, bookish wise I am right on target and ahead of last year.  Here are my stats so far for 2014:


Books read do far this year:  24 (with 3 to review yet)

Audio Books listened to this year: 33 ( with 2 left to review)


Last year at this time I was hardly reading/listening/posting anything so this is exciting to be able to spend time in the hobby area that I love!


In other news…


I missed one of the narrator interviews.

Narrator Robert Fass was one of the first of the narrators to send me his responses and somehow in the craziness we call June… I checked him off my spreadsheet as being posted and that was not accurate.


Due to this, I will be posting one more narrator chat that will go up today and will be part of the Audio Month Giveaway.  It’s good stuff…. and I want to post it 🙂


Anyhoo… that’s what is up here.  Working today, helping a friend out tonight…  and who knows what else…

No… really… who knows?  Can someone tell me?


Have a super Tuesday!  What are you doing this July 1st?


7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… First Half Of The Year Update and Audio Month Extention!

  1. 33 audiobooks! That’s fantastic!! What’s up tonight? I guess just grilling some steaks and hanging out. Tuesdays are so ordinary, aren’t they? 🙂

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