The Fault In Our Stars Movie

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Certainly by now you must have heard of The Fault In Our Stars by Author John Green.  And if not the book, surely the movie.  I was told that whatever the first John Green book I read would be my favorite.  I will never know if that is true because my first John Green book was The Fault In Our Star and is my favorite.  And while I have read all of his books (and enjoyed them), I can not imagine that if I had read any of the others first that they would have trumped my experience with this book.

I can not even put into words where this book took me… to attempt to understand, you would have to read my review of the book from April of this year; or my review of the book from July 2012.  Yes I have read and reviewed it twice.  I liked it THAT MUCH. 🙂

This week, on June 6th the movie was released (SQQQUUEEE!!!) and myself and my wonderful friend Amy went to see it:


loved it.

Shailene Woodley who plays Hazel (and also plays Beatrice in Divergent!) is fantastic.  She is witty and sickly and plays her role well.  Ansel Algort (also in Divergent!) makes for a wonderful Augustus as well.  Truly, these two just make a wonderful team.

IMO, the movie played close to the book. There are some lines that just made my heart leap because I knew them from the book.  Of course, as in all book to movie renditions, there are always slight changes or leaving out, and I sadly missed a scene from the book where Hazel and Isaac are playing the video game at the end after Isaac can no longer see and the voice commands they shout at the game.


My thoughts?  See the movie but read the book first.  The book is of course where you fall in love with these amazing damaged characters; the movie… will just reinforce your love.

Our book club is reading this book now and will be reviewing this week. I look forward to hearing their thoughts on the book and yes, even though I have reviewed it twice here, I will review it again from a Book Club perspective.


Movie up people… do not miss out on this one.

21 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars Movie

  1. I read the book this week and saw the movie yesterday. I knew that I had to read the book, because I have enjoyed Shailene’s performances in several movies and in a long-running TV show and wanted to see the movie.

    Loved the book and the movie. I agree…the stories were very close. Definitely an unforgettable story.

  2. your love for this one definitely shines through! one of these days I’m going to get around to reading a John Green novel. . .I do believe I’m the last person on earth to read him :-/

  3. Not sure I’ll see the movie, but loved the audio books even though it was sad.

  4. I may have to buy this book as I’m so far down the list of holds that I doubt I’d get to even read it this year. I keep seeing the movie commercial and it looks really sweet.

  5. One of the girls that stayed with me last week was reading this book and telling me just a few snippets. Even just the little bit that she felt wouldn’t ruin the story for me made me want to be emotional and snatch the book from her hands. I am really looking forward to this.

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