Morning Meanderings: Bitter Sweet Days and a Whole lot of Happenings Here

Morning Meanderings, Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal

I interrupt the BEA posts for a quick update on a lot of great things coming up here, in life, and a bit of sadness too.

Let’s just get the sadness out of the way.  Today is the 18th anniversary of the loss of my mom and my step dad to a car accident.  Every year,I never know how it is going to hit me.  There have been times, this day has been while I was at the EXPO, and busy is good.  It’s the days like today where I am home, and planning what I will do today where it is a little harder.

Moving on.


What’s happening here?

The Book Expo books arrived yesterday.  That’s a SSSQQQUUUEEEE.  I have not opened the boxes yet.  I have a tradition where a friend of mine comes over with her daughter Camryn (the YA reviewer) I have tabbed above, and we go through the boxes together.  They help me sort and we chat books and the expo and I enjoy the experience with other book lovers.  I will be posting highlighted books soon.


Camp Benedict, book journey, Sheila DeChantal

Camp Benedict.  Camp starts on Monday.  I am off next week from Monday afternoon on.  This weekend I will be working on our “One Word” project which is our theme this year… positive thinking.  I love the theme and I look forward to a pretty amazing week.

blogiversary, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney

My 5 year Blogiversary.  Now that is exciting!  I am going to put the post up tomorrow – June 7th, and we (please come!) are going to have some fun as we have in the past years.  I will be having BIG giveaways and an all day celebration here of book goodness.  5 years wow…. how did that happen?



Audiobook month, Bookjourney

Audiobook Month.  YAY!  Did you know that June is audiobook month?  I am excited to kick off a lot of fun posts and giveaways next Tuesday thanks to a wonderful group of narrators who will be sharing some fun things here.  There will be giveaways, gift certificates, and more.  Audiobook lovers and those who are not there yet, this is going to be FUN. 😀



I actually have so many posts to write I have a list!  Next up in book expo posts will be the Author Breakfasts, then a random picture post of the expo floor etc with wrap up thoughts.


Today while working on Camp Projects I will be listening to audio.  I hope to get in a bike ride today and possibly tonight see the Fault In Our Stars Movie with Friends.


What will you be doing with your Friday?


35 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: Bitter Sweet Days and a Whole lot of Happenings Here

  1. So sorry to hear about your mom and stepdad’s not being here with you. I’ve never lost two people I love at the same time. Just go where the day takes you. Looking forward to hearing more about the Blogiversary.

    1. I have lost two people at the same time twice. In 1980 my dad and sister died in a house fire together. I am the last of my immediate family. Thanks for your thoughts, it is a day that I will get through 🙂

  2. Wow! You have a lot going on. Sorry to hear about your loss. It is never easy.

    Glad to hear your BEA books came in! Enjoy opening the boxes – kind of like Christmas! My two daughters are coming tomorrow for us to open our BEA books!

    I am looking forward to your Blogaversary post!

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure it is still something you never ever forget.

    How fun opening your boxes. I think it would be better than Christmas. lol
    Love your blog! Congrats on 5 years!

  4. Sorry for your loss. I hope you’re able to find some peace today. Congrats on your blog anniversary! Enjoy going through the boxes of books!!

    1. They really are Laurel, it surprises me how hard it still hits me. Such needless loss I think (they were hit head on by another car), and I think the lost years with me mom…. I was 29 when this happened.

  5. Losing parents Is always sad no matter how much time passes…but hopefully seeing your newest books with friends will help…take care!

  6. Sheila, what a momentous day for you. I’m glad you have a place to balance the good and the bad. You honor your family by continuing to share yourself.

    1. I just was reading an article on author Ruth Reichl in The New York Times and this stood out to me, “The secret to life is finding joy in ordinary things,” and later, “I’m interested in happiness.” Reichl’s work does seem to be founded on the pursuit and celebration of pleasure over pain, joy over sorrow. “It takes a great deal of strength to be an optimist,” she adds.”
      I like that… I think it describes me as well 🙂

  7. ENJOY your books and your book talk.

    Sorry about the sad anniversary for your parents. So difficult. HUGS..I hope your day goes well.

    And Congrats on your blogoversary. You have accomplished quite a lot in five years.

  8. So sorry about your mom and step dad! I’ve lost both my parents and a sister (as did you if I remember correctly) so I know how hard those days can be.

    You have so much going on…busy busy busy!

    Congratulations on your upcoming Blogiversary!!

  9. First, Sheila, so sorry you lost your parents that way and so young 😦 ((hugs))

    This post is filled with all kinds of goodies and I’m looking forward to all of them!

    As for me, my Friday has literally been LIVING Deja Vu. Not kidding here. Most people who know me, know I operate with a VERY fuzzy brain 24/7 and some days it’s more obvious than others. TODAY?!! Yep! You asked, so I’ll tell ya! lol

    I had a chiropractor appt. at 9:45, an ultrasound appt. at 10:45 and needed to go to Kinkos to REprint a mock book cover (front and back) I printed the other night. Initially, I put the two files on a flash drive. When I got there Wed. night, the back (which is an 11×17 of solid black) only printed an 8×14 black space on the 11×17 sheet so the guy at the counter had to do some fancy work to override the glitch. The paper they were printed on was heavier than the typical copy paper. I mentioned it and he said I “lucked out” since someone must’ve brought in their own stock and left it in the tray. An important detail didn’t print on the front cover illustration, but I figured I had no control over it. Anyway, I printed the illustration on my 28 lb. regular paper and the details were sharper. I knew I needed to reprint them on the regular paper.

    So, here I am, thinking I’ll be in great shape. I’ll go to Kinkos (near my chiro’s office) first, then hop to each appt. and be home before noon. I get to Kinkos, explain the situation to the girl so I won’t be charged to reprint, then realize I didn’t have the flash drive! OK, so I knew I’d have to return (btw, I did a similar thing Wed. night and had to go back twice). I go to the chiro, then on to the imaging place. I’m about to be brought into the room and was asked if I drank. NO, I didn’t! I never got on my computer for my reminder OR looked in my datebook seeing as I didn’t forget the appt. SO…I reschedule for 1:45 to go BACK to get the ultrasound done. I get home and no matter where I search, I can’t find the flash drive. Mind you, only two weeks ago I couldn’t find a different one and still haven’t. I call Kinkos to ask if it was there. Turns out—it was! SO, the flash drive was ON the premises when I was there at 9:15 lol So, I did my day twice! Yes, I know…

  10. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom and step-dad and for the equally tragic loss of your Dad and sister. I know that it doesn’t get any easier with the passage of time for a loss is always a loss. The kind, sweet, person you are has risen from your many sorrows.

    Enjoy the 5 year anniversary of your blog. You really do a spectacular job and I so enjoy reading it!

  11. I know today must have been difficult for you even after all those years. I’m sending hugs your way.

    I can’t believe you can wait to open your boxes but I love that you have so many traditions.

  12. I’m send good thoughts to you on a tough day. And also sending you congrats on your bloggoversary (What a mix of emotions). Hope your camp goes well and yay on the books arriving.

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