Guilty Pleasure Reading …. What’s Yours? You know you have one! (W/giveaway)


You know the books… the ones you are drawn to but even you are not always exactly sure why.  It may be a long-term addiction… or it could be fairly new… but either a genre, a topic, or certain type of book draws you to it time and again.


We may not even care to admit that we like to read them.  In fact… we may overreact if caught reading them or if someone speaks against them…


Relax.  Sheila says relax.  😉  I have them too.  Mine fall under the category of books that may be defined as dorky…. but I really have found that I like reading about companies…. corporations…  and the people behind them.  I mean I loved the move Social Network (about Facebook).  And I loved reading about Steve Jobs, The Makers of the game Doom, Straight Flush (about the college kids who brought the online poker industry to an all time high, and most recently Creativity Inc about the success of Pixar.  

I think I am drawn to the creative thinking process.  I am so amazed at the brilliant people who come up with things like the IPOD, creating video games, developing winning strategies.  I guess what they all have in common is success.  And if I am honest… I am drawn to it.



On the darker side… I also like to read the occasional true crime.

What does that say about me?  I am not sure I want to know….

What is your guilty pleasure read?  Craft books, how to books, vampires, dystopian, harlequin romances, books about animals…..  Oh my!  Share 🙂



For fun…. (I like fun!) leave a comment with your answer and I will enter you into a giveaway for a $15 Amazon gift card to purchase one of your guilty pleasure books of your choice.  I will email the winner the gift card on Friday of this week.

I can not wait to hear what your guilty pleasure reads are 🙂



123 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Reading …. What’s Yours? You know you have one! (W/giveaway)

  1. Oh my guilty pleasure books are romantic comedy with a bit of mystery thrown in. I love those “Mind Candy, Cinderella” love stories. Not the hot and steamy ones, I like the PG or G rated romantic comedy stories.

      1. I read some of those, too, but I don’t get most of my patterns out of books, actually. And it’s certainly not a guilty pleasure! 😀

  2. My guilty pleasure reading (that I really don’t keep secret) is paranormal/fantasy series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Cat and Bones, Kate Daniels, Carly Davidson. Recently, I’ve been reading NA (new adult) romance/teen angst series and loving them too.

    1. Mine are not really a secret either, I think it is funny how I will write an (that I think to be) exciting review on these type of books and receive little feedback in the comments. Not everybody’s thing… LOL

  3. I don’t have guilty pleasures. I like what I like and don’t care who would care about it. I read all manner of books that interest me. I’m the same with everything. I’m a grown woman and I watch Looney Tunes and iCarly. 🙂 I like what I like. Perhaps some would feel guilty at reading all the erotica I read, but I love it, especially good BDSM. 🙂

  4. My guilty pleasure reading consists of lengthy British sagas which I enjoy and are memorable. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  5. I, like you, enjoy a good biography. I am also a sucker for a good historical fiction or “women’s fiction.”

  6. I’m a sucker for the dominant male romance/erotica… I don’t read it much, but I always love it when I do, haha. What is it about the “tall, dark and handsome” stereotype that is so appealing? I recently started The Black Dagger Brotherhood, which ALSO combines my guilty pleasure with my favorite sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy genres – LOVE IT!

  7. Mine is romance because it keeps the memory of my mom close. It is all she read at least what I remember…..

  8. I think my guilty pleasure are definitely things in the chick lit genre that don’t demand too much thought to read, from romantic comedy to Elin Hildebrand to Anita Shreve. I am a sucker for pretty covers, too! And I read lots of YA fiction, especially when my kids say, Mom! you have to read this. I love that they want to share their loved books with me.

  9. In High School it was Harlequins and Bodice Rippers(Sweet Savage Love!) Now it’s travel memoirs or books about people look moving to foreign countries especially Paris. And even though my daughter’s sixteen I still like to read books about early motherhood struggles Especially the numerous ones!

  10. My guilty pleasure is any book with a beach scene on the front! The only thing that would make it better is if I was at the beach reading it!! I also love Contemporary YA!

  11. My guilty pleasure would be cookbooks. I will sit for hours and read them, word for word like a novel! I bought a cooking magazine while on vacation once and sat with it on the beach until the sun went down. 🙂

  12. My guilty reading pleasures include YA (so what if I’m not a teen anymore, more adults read it now anyway 🙂 ), Romance and for as long as I can remember I’ve read chic lit. People talk the last one down a lot, but I absoutely love it! And as for romance books, I’ve only just started talking to people about reading it because of the stigma’s attached to it here in the land of Oz.

  13. Anything that has to do with kings or queens! Wouldn’t you love to be in a real castle just once and see all the intrigue and drama first hand? I would! I’ll keep dreaming…..

  14. According to my husband all of my reading should be guilty pleasures. He thinks I’m too frivolous. Of course, I have gotten him interested in Terry Pratchett recently…

  15. My guilty pleasure books: Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books, RaeAnn Thayne’s Hope’s Crossing romance series, and the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead.

    So basically my guilty pleasures are chick lit, humorous fantasy for kids, relatively sweet contemporary romances set in small towns I’d want to live in, and some paranormal romance.

  16. Celebrity bios I guess you would call them…the one by The Sister Wives….Find Me by Rosie, I guess sort of like the People magazine articles I read only longer 🙂

      1. I forgot to add I’ve been reading them since high school. I get a little embarrassed in public if there’s models embracing on the cover.

  17. I don’t have anything different to add, but this old grandma like YA fiction and historical fiction mostly, with a autobiography thrown in for good measure. No really, I like so many books it hard to say which ones are my guilty pleasure. Fun discussion topic, Sheila!.

  18. I have a morbid fascination with books about parents dealing with kids gone bad. Like really bad. Like school shooting bad. Books like Nineteen Minutes; The Hour I First Believed; Defending Jacob; Columbine… I am always drawn to them.

  19. My guilty pleasures are pulpy sword-and-planet sci-fi novels where a half-naked superhumanly muscular hero saves the damsel in distress. That, and the occasional BDSM erotica.

  20. I think my guilty pleasure reads are books that use the opposites attract cliche, I love a good rivals fall in love story. Also, recently I realized I have a love for BDSM m/m erotica but I’m so selective that I don’t feel guilty about it. xD

  21. I love romance novels, especially ones set in small towns, like Robyn Carr’s Virgin River, Emily March’s Eternity Springs etc. Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie and Clare series.

  22. I like books about chefs/cooking/restaurants. Not cookbooks per say, but memoirs/non-fiction about the nitty-gritty of cooking or opening a restaurant. Funny, since I don’t consider myself a great cook, but I love to read about it!

  23. The moment I read the title of your post I went “ah-ha!” Without a doubt my guilty pleasure reading is Japanese manga. 😀

      1. I’d tried them a long time ago, but couldn’t get into them either. However, about a year ago, in order to catch up with the story line of an incomplete anime based on a manga, I located the manga online and found I was able to follow it quite easily. Then began the craze…. 😀

  24. Reading in the early morning in bed! Doesn’t matter what, just reading and then pretending I’d only just woken up!

  25. The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris! Doesn’t really fit with my taste in more literary fiction!

  26. I don’t really feel guilty about what I read anymore – but I think my guiltiest reading would be all of the smutty books I love. Fifty Shades, Bared to You, etc. I love them!

  27. I really enjoyed reading these comments (Martha, Mary Preston, Lizanne and a few others actually made me giggle lol). Honestly, there’s nothing I read that I feel guilty about ’cause I like what I like and don’t care if people “get it” 🙂 Typically, I might get a “look” or whatever about the children’s books ’cause a lot of people aren’t interested and wonder why I enjoy them so much, but it’s what I do. Totally not into chic lit or anything graphically sexual—I’d rather be living it than reading about it lol I do enjoy YA in which romance is a large part of the driving force behind the plot, like in the “Legend” series. You can feel the sexual/love tension which is far as I want to go when I’m reading YA. I want the rest of the story to drive my emotions and imagination. I read whatever nonfiction pertains to my life or someone in my life, like health, etc., and I LOVE to read about writing and writers. That’s more of a weakness, I think, ’cause it’s hard for me to resist and I should be writing my own stuff lol

  28. Oh, and I, too, loved the movie “Social Media” ’cause I thought the whole thing was compelling, seeing as it’s based on a true story about something so influential in today’s world. I think they did a great job on it, too, with casting, directing, music…the whole shebang!

  29. LOVE Larry Brown and Harry Crewes although I have not met anyone I can recommend these great authors to for fear the books would be considered too dark. Both Brown and Crewes’ characters are so real!! Sadly, these great writers have passed away and their books are not easy to come by.

  30. I’m with you – relax! I don’t think anyone needs to feel guilty about anything they read – books R awesome! lol

    However, if I had to name something I read a guilty pleasure, I would say it’s Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series – pure cotton candy fun! Fast-paced mysteries with a great sense of humor. I read one every summer when the new one comes out.

    Great discussion!


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    1. I read Evanovich up to Twelve and then stopped – she was particularity crude in that one and I was tired of the story line going nowhere…. of course… I still hope she chooses Ranger 😉

  31. I feel guilty about reading modern books. Weird I know but I was brought up reading mostly classics so I feel like I’m betraying my roots if I do. Not that my parents normally mind or anything… it’s all in my head.

  32. Wow…this takes some thought. Vampire books or cookbooks with decadent desserts. What I need to find is a book where a vampire falls for Ace of Cakes; THAT would be heaven! *LOL*

  33. My guilty pleasure in reading: horror. Stephen King, especially. Weird, since I HATE horror movies. HATE being scared. :o)

  34. Definitely chick lit. Don’t have much time for reading anything other than children’s lit. When you are a K-8 librarian, it’s hard to stay current. I don’t know how the public librarians keep up.

  35. Since I can’t call my addiction to Golden Age mysteries a guilty pleasure, I will have to go with my newer addiction to gay romance books. I’ve read over 400 since December.

  36. Books involving wizards, elves, etc… Dystopian intrigue, or satire. Mostly with fantasy and dystopian subjects there seems to be the disdain of: “You’re reading that? Isn’t that for kids?” Maybe…

  37. I think my guilty pleasure books are the quick purely fun romances…the anthology ones with several stories in one…that way i can read one in an hour or two and move on..a real mood lifter:)

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