The Martian by Andy Weir *Best of 2014


Mark Watney was part of an epic win for mankind.  He was one of a group of astronauts that were the first to land on the planet Mars.  Congratulations were short-lived when a dust storm comes up flinging the crew about like sheets of paper.  Mark was struck hard by debris and the team makes an emergency evacuation of Mars feeling certain that Mark is dead.

But Mark is not dead.

He is however left on a planet with no way to communicate to earth that he is alive, and left with a hab that will possibly keep him alive for a month or so, a tent that was left behind, a land rover that may or may nor work and no plans for another team to come to Mars for about 4 years.

Mark is screwed.

For his own sanity he starts a log of what he is doing with his time and how he is making do with what he has for someone many years from now to find and hopefully learn from…. or at least know how Mark lived his last days… or how he died…





I knew about ten minutes into this audio book version of The Martian that I was in for something special.  Narrated by R C Bray I found myself laughing at Mark’s quick whit in a bad situation.  He just takes things in stride. 

Narrator R.C Bray engulfs the very soul of Mark Watney.  His snarky tones kept me so engaged.

Our protagonist Mark is like “MacGyver on Mars”.  Using what little supplies he has he discovers ways to stretch his food and water supplies, and finds some entertaining items from the packs that the other crew members left behind in their hurry to evacuate.  ….  it was AWESOME to listen to. 

I want to GUSH all over this one but at the same time I do not want to give anything anyway so I am going to simply encourage you to get your hands on this book or audio and enjoy the ride.  Be ready to hold your breath one minute, and laugh out loud the next…..  you are in for a good GOOD time.


What makes a “Best of 2014” read?  A book / audio book that grabs me from the get go and keeps me engaged all the way through.  A book I would without hesitation recommend to anyone looking for a good read or listen.  ~Sheila


24 thoughts on “The Martian by Andy Weir *Best of 2014

  1. Both Jim and I read this and loved it, and we had read he was like “MacGyver on Mars” so we rented a MacGyver video, and it was so NOT.. MacGyver was more like a jokey low-budget thing, and while he seems to be able to get out of any fix, the reasons for it weren’t as justified as with The Martian. It was fun for a while, but we both decided we had had enough after about 20 minutes! :–)

    1. Oh my gosh -that is hilarious – you heard that he was like MacGyver? I thought I was being clever….LOL I have not watched MacGyver in years, I just recall that he could use anything to fix anything (like the wrapper off a piece of gum) 😀

      I dont think I could sit through a MacGyver show now either… 😀

  2. Wasn’t that a fun book. I’ll have to get a copy of the audiobook and give it a listen. Some books seem to really give a different experience when you listen to them rather than read them.
    I’ll bet that The Martian ends up on the top of many “Best of 2014” lists.

  3. I would have passed over this book Sheila if not for your gushing review. I’m off to see if it’s available on audible 🙂

  4. I loved this one… a favorite for the year. I read an eGalley. I couldn’t wait long enough for the audio but it would make a good reread.

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