Morning Meanderings… Sunday – End Of The Crazy


Good morning!  I have been pretty much absent the whole week between work and the spring book sale and then last night we ran a 5k at 9 PM at night called the Glow Baby Glow for March Of Dimes.  It was cold fun, and zapped the battery right out of my phone so unfortunately I have no cool pics to go with this post… I can however, show you a picture of what the spring friends of the library sale looked like yesterday morning:


Yesterday was the final day of the three-day sale and the bag sale.  You pick up a paper bag and fill it with whatever you can get in the bag for $2.  People went crazy… we had 8 and 10 bag purchases… hundreds of bags went out.  I can not wait to hear our totals!

Needless to probably say, I am wiped out.  I worked the sale all three days and then ran a 5k.  Poetic I think.. but maybe just crazy.  😛

Here is a pic of the books that came in this past week:


Some great titles here I am really excited about.  Not sure about the two audio – both were unsolicited so I need to check and see if they sent me the wrong ones, or what this is about.  🙂 

Anyhoo – I hope to have some real reading time this afternoon.  I am pretty excited to just have a quieter week this week.  I hit it pretty hard the last couple weeks between the sale and preparing for the sale.  Now… I am ready to chill 🙂

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Sunday – End Of The Crazy

  1. Oh I love library sales. They can always be counted on for interesting finds. Enjoy your books and hopefully a quieter week ahead 🙂

  2. Looks like the book sale went well. We have ours in the fall.

    I am not familiar with all the titles in your stack of books but I did get a copy of The Girl Who Came Home at my library conference and I am looking forward to reading it.

  3. You have quite a stack of books for the upcoming week. Hope you life is a little less crazy and you have time to “recoup” as my mamma used to say.

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