The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski


17-year-old free-spirited Kestral lives in a Dystopian time of war.  At this point in her young life her General father has given her the choice of being a part of the ever needy military or to be married. Kendral has no plans of doing either.

While in the village watching a slave auction a young handsome boy up for bid catchers her eye.  Arin, also carries a similar attitude to Kestral and Kestral picks up on this like-mindedness right away and she purchases him at a price that sends the crowds tongues wagging.

Kestral could tell he was not a boy who would be easily broken and she finds herself becoming fond of him in ways that would not be considered acceptable.  But Arin himself has plans… plans that no one would have expected, plans that can turn everything upside down.



The Winners Curse was an interesting listen on audio (yes audio again… life is busy 🙂 ).  I enjoyed the twist of plot on what could have been a very predictable story.  The book is set in a dystopian type of world but it also has historical elements that drew me in a little deeper to the story giving me a connection to this world.  Likeable characters, and kick butt finish… I have to say if this is a genre you enjoy you should give it a try.

3 thoughts on “The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski

  1. Dystopian was not a genre I liked at all but it is beginning to draw me in (slowly slowly though!) Back in Sri Lanka and able to access emails thank god!

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