Morning Meanderings… Gone Are My Innocent Days Of Gilmore….


In Winters past I have spent the slower months of the year watching all the seasons of The Gilmore Girls in the cool evenings.  This was a tradition I loved, steeping myself with hot cups of tea while watching the fast paced dynamic duo of Lorelai and Rory.  The coffee swigging mom and the bookish references made the show even more enduring to me.  Oh how I longed to live in Star Hallow. 

And then…. this year I was introduced to the Walking Dead by so-called friends (oh you know who you are…. 😉 )  A crazy zombie show that I thought I would never get into and then there I was buying all three seasons at the Thanksgiving Day sale and then proceeding to devour them with my husband… fully immersed in a story line of survival in the craziest of circumstances. 

But oh no…. the three seasons were watched quickly and by the end of January it was still full on winter here in Minnesota and my evening fix was gone…. so I moved on to something more hard-core…

Breaking Bad.

Yes yes you goof ball people who said “It’s amazing!” as I shook my head furiously and responded, “It is a show about making meth?  How can that be awesome?”  Yet, in a desperate move for something interesting to watch last week Al and I pulled up the first season episode one on Netflix and wow….  a teacher who makes and sells meth to earn money for his cancer treatments and to provide for his family….

we are addicted. 

I feel I am now ruined for all things cutesy and sweet.  Now I am hard-core zombies and meth.  😯

Seriously…. who am I?

Spring can not come soon enough… clearly I need to get out of the house.

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Gone Are My Innocent Days Of Gilmore….

  1. Welcome to the BB family, Sheila! The transformation of Walter White is incredible and the cast of characters in this series from his family to his cohorts to his enemies is unmatched. The very last episode will blow you away. As for your innocence, weren’t you teary about some episode of “Little House on the Prairie” involving Pa and the dog not so very long ago?

  2. My son, of all people, recommended that I watch Breaking Bad, now that I have Netflix. I’m almost afraid to watch, wondering why he would recommend it to me. LOL

    His final words on it were: Just watch the pilot and see what you think.

    It is in my Netflix queue, and I might just have to give it a go.

    I had many clients who were on meth and sold meth, so that might be why he thinks I’d enjoy it…Hmm.

  3. I didn’t really like The Walking Dead when I watched it at first, but there was a marathon on last weekend that the guy was watching and I started to get more interested. At some point I will have to watch it in order! He has also started watching Breaking Bad, but he always forgets about Netflix and I haven’t sat down and watched it with him yet.

  4. I am right there with you sister! (okay, me saying ‘sister’ is just weird. LOL ) I would have to add “Sons of Anarchy” to my list tho (and it is bad, bad ,bad) What has happened to us?

  5. Ooooo I want a GG marathon. I need someone to lend them to me. The library only lets me keep it for so long and I’m a slow watcher.

  6. Oh I remember you watching Gilmore Girls. I loved that show too. I need to get caught up with Walking Dead. I’m …still at the 1st season. Kiddo has been trying to get me into it and I pick up episodes here and there. Time is crazy here. I’ll get there though. 🙂

    Hope you had a nice day.

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