I Am Abraham by Jerome Charyn


Abraham Lincoln was not always the President Of The United States.  He was once a young man filled with spirit and dreams.  Before he was the man we have read about and look upon the penny and the five dollar bill, he was just a poor boy from Kentucky.  He was a lawyer.  he was a member of congress.  He was a husband, and a father.This is his story.


Jerome Charyn takes what we know of Lincoln’s life from beginning until the end, and breathes life into the gaps in between using Lincoln’s own voice to tell this first person fictional masterpiece. In fact, I Am Lincoln, begins with the end…. in a theater in Washington DC with only the soft sound of movement and then a sting behind his left ear…

Wow.  Wow. Wow.

I have always been fascinated with Lincoln’s life and death.  He has always been my favorite of the presidents even though clearly we have never met nor even lived in the same century.  102 years after his death, I would be born.

Lincoln was the man who led us through the civil war, who pushed back against slavery, and did so with integrity.  When this book was offered up for review, I did not hesitate on saying yes.

Jerome Charyn writes I Am Lincoln from an amazing perspective; Lincoln’s.  For this I give him credit as those are big shoes to fill. Jerome Charyn not only lets us see history unfold, but through Lincoln’s own eyes and words is something pretty close to brilliant. 

I adored this book and lapped up each page seeing Lincoln’s life as I never had before.  Being able to write this review on Lincoln’s birthday is a great honor to me to be able to speak so enthusiastically about this book. 

Thank you to Tribute books for allowing me a chance to bask in this incredible read on Lincoln’s life.


7 thoughts on “I Am Abraham by Jerome Charyn

  1. This sounds awesome. Lincoln was such an influential person. On a side note, every time I see his name now I am plagued by Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (which I did not see).

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