The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


Don Tillman is a professor of genetics with a few social issues, possibly with a touch of Asperger’s.  Don is awkward in social situations, including trying to find someone suitable for dating and eventually, as his genetics mind calculates – marriage.

Don, as his nature tends to be, decided that the proper way to meet that special someone would be not to waste time on idle chit-chat (which he hates) over ridiculous dating rituals, but instead to create a 16 page survey for potential female partners to complete to filter out the undesirables.  Undesirables in Don’s mind, are those who have tendencies to be late to appointments, vegans, those who smoke, and/or drink.

Thus, the Wife Project is born.

When Rosie Jarman walks into the room where Don is working on the Wife project applicants, she is not only late, but also excuses herself in the middle to go out and smoke.  SMOKE!  Did she even read the application?  As time goes on Don finds that Rosie pretty much does everything that was on his list of undesirables.

Yet Rosie, with her wild red hair, does have something that Don is interested in.  Rosie is hoping to find her biological father, and Don just happens to work with DNA testing, decides that while she is eliminated from the wife project, he wouldn’t mind assisting her in what could be called the Father Project.

As quite an unlikely pair, (every person Don meets his mind automatically calculates how old he thinks they are as well as their BMI), Don and Rosie find out throughout the Father project that not all relationships, fall into report worthy categories.


YAY!  I say YAY!  The Rosie Project was a fun quick audio jaunt with a geeky over detailed guy named Don, and a fiery red-head named Rosie.  Loved it!  I have heard people refer to this as a “Big Bang Theory” type read and I would tend to agree.  Picture the geeky dude who over thinks and analyzes everything because that’s the way he is wired, and then the girl who lives each day to the fullest.  Put them together to solve out a problem, and you have The Rosie Project.

I think this is a time to bring our the words, Awesome Sauce. 

The Rosie Project was fun and funny.  Don’s quirky ways were laugh out loud at times. He calculates everything with a scientific mind right down to how long it takes him to shower…. and adding in an extra minute when he conditions his hair because of the “leave in” instructions.  As the two go through the story line, I smiled often.  And that… is a good thing.

Dan O’Grady is an excellent narrator for this book.  He gives a believable rendition of Don. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this audio.  It was light and fun and perfect for coming off a busy season and wanting something that fits that category.

Give this one a try, at 7 hours and 32 minutes on audio it is a perfect sized audio to finish in a week or less while working in the house, cooking, or while calculating your BMI. 😉

The Rosie Project is set in Australia

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