Morning Meanderings…. The Pink Curse


Tonight, three of my friends and I are going to the Pink Concert in Fargo North Dakota.  Ahhh… yes, my first time out of Minnesota for 2014.  SCORE!  🙂

We have tickets to the 7:30 show.

We think. 😉

I am a little leery about Pink at this time.

Last February, we also had tickets to Pink.  She was going to be in Minneapolis. We had purchased our tickets through a friend who was buying a group of tickets.  We purchased them in November 2012 and we were EXCITED!

A couple of days before we were supposed to go we discovered we never had tickets.  😯   The girl who has purchased them did so through a ticket venue that had actually over sold.  They had called to tell her she did not have tickets and say they left a message which she never received.  The ticket cost was on her husbands credit card and when they cancelled the charge he did not tell her.  She was curious why they had not come by mail so had called and that is how we found out we did not have tickets. 


In November of this last year she was going to be in Fargo North Dakota.  Again we purchased tickets… and 3 days before the concert she had a throat condition that her Dr made her cancel her tour dates for a week.  We were cancelled.  😯


This is the rescheduled date tonight.  I am happy to be hanging out with my friends… but after having been shut down twice… you can probably understand my paranoia 😀 .  We leave town in about an hour.  If nothing else it will be an adventure… and if you remember… my word for the year is Embrace.  😉

Have a great day – I will be back tomorrow afternoon.  There are posts still coming.  If you have any concert stories to share… I would love to hear them. 😀

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. The Pink Curse

  1. Have a gf who saw her show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and she said it was amazing. I gather she was right based on her post about it… anyway, hope you get to the show finally and have a great time!

  2. This will finally work out for you…my only concert story is my need to see Hall and Oates every single year! So far…two in a row!

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