Morning Meanderings…. Day Two… Nine Bloggers Reading!


Good morning and Happy January 2!  We made it to 2014 and mental high fives all the way around!  🙂

Yesterday I posted the book lovers who sent me pictures of what they were reading on January 1st.  If you have not checked that out, please do… its kind of awesome to see all these book bloggers and book lovers reading that first book – AND you can see what that first book was.  I had a few that came in after I put the post up so please let me add them now:


Isn’t that so fun?  LOVE it!  On yesterdays post they were able to link up their first book of the year posts so if you have time, grab a second (third?) cup of coffee and go check them out.  It was really fun to read them last night and I still have more to get to.

Today is a LONG DAY.  It is our annual meeting at work today and I am in charge of the details details details… I will probably be there from 8 this morning until about 8:30 or 9 tonight.  *sigh*  But it is ok, it fun – good fun 🙂

Have an awesome day everyone!  Yes I ran my first 5k of the year yesterday in -6 degree weather… pictures will be up on Saturday for that fun event to kick off 2014.

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  1. I walked yesterday in 23F — but I draw the line at 15 — anything colder and I stay indoors.

  2. Sheila – yesterday was great fun and I hope you continue to make it a big party!!! What I found amazing was there were very few duplicates as first book choices!

    Anyway, hope you have a great day, despite it being a long day! We’re in for a long few days with a snow storm coming this afternoon and then brutal cold temps tomorrow (at least for us here in NY!).

  3. Congrats to you! It was drizzling here yesterday so I didn’t go out. I’m a wuss.
    My old Artist’s Way/Vein of Gold group is reading The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul by Danielle La Porte starting next week (well, they’re starting. I’m doing a show so I’ll catch up after our run.) I actually read it last week while on vacation (got it for Christmas) because starting next week my schedule is insane (work + rehearsals + show run). Happy reading!

  4. The First Book was a great idea. I am happy with my choice and finished it yesterday. 🙂 It was a good start to the year. Have a great day!

  5. Yesterday I was reading Helen Dunmore’s ‘The Lie’ and finished it last night in bed. It was excellent, v poignant. Today I am starting Anna Hope’s ‘Wake’, another Great War story. I guess that will be the theme for 2014-2018, there are certainly some intriguing new novels with a war theme. SD

  6. Yesterday was so fun! I loved being part of it. Thank you for putting this together and I agree. It was incredible that there really wasn’t overlap. I also loved seeing what everyone picked to read and why!

  7. Still working on my first read (it’s a monster) but never could get a picture of myself. The lighting was all wrong, my hair and makeup people were off their game, and the costumer couldn’t find the right shade of red to match the book cover. Kidding, of course!

    Great fun, Sheila, thank you!!

  8. Congratulations on your run. Thanks again for hosting this – I have visited so many new and wonderful blogs through this which has got 2014 off to an excellent start!

  9. Can’t imagine where you get all of your energy! Thanks again for hosting this great New Year/1st Book Event.

  10. I was thinking about your polar dashing yesterday. I did run but later on when it warmed a little bit. I’ll be joining you for the Get Lucky on March 15 though.

  11. See, I don’t even know what a 5k is! lol Obviously it’s to do with running, but distance? I know that a “k” when referring to car mileage = 1000. Obviously, your “k” CAN’T be miles! lol

    And I’m reading my first book more quickly than I typically get through a book ’cause it’s THAT good and THAT easy to read 🙂 I expect to finish within the next few days 😀

  12. Then I think I’m going to read STITCHES by David Small after that. I’m doing some research and that’s on my list 🙂

  13. I can’t even picture a world where it is minus six degrees. And to go out in it? To run in it? Oh my! I couldn’t even bring myself to walk in it yesterday and it was in the forties!

  14. And I’m DONE with my first book! It’s rare I get a book done within 4 or 5 days, but this one really took me in. This morning I didn’t get into bed ’til about 2 and read the second half of ONE FOR THE MURPHYS ’til after 4. I could NOT put it down and sobbed more than I have for any book that I can remember (although I REALLY sobbed when Dobby died, and when Harry was walking to his death!). I LOVED this book! Lynda’s writing is stellar. Her characters are extraordinarly believable, and you get to know them all so well. The main character, Carley, is unforgettable and my heart was literally twisted in knots for her (once I stopped wanting to smack her! lol) In my opinion, this is a “must read.” 😀

    • OOH now I have to take a look at this book! Its funny you mention Dobby (well.. not really funny because his death wounded me as well), because I have been tossing around an idea for a post for awhile now that may go up this weekend.

      • Being such a reader, you should be able to squeeze this one in pretty easily; it’s a 224-page MG novel. A quick and easy read compared to what you generally read. And, of COURSE, my appetite is whetted knowing something about Dobby (or related) is coming some time in the near future 😀

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