Morning Meanderings.. Books coming into the New Year


Good morning!  I am drinking COFFEE!  Yes, COFFEE.  Why the big deal?  I After being sick I didn’t touch coffee for 5 days.  Finally (Finally!) my tummy is ready to handle it again… so yeah!  YAY!

This is the post I wanted to put up Sunday morning and then didn’t so instead… here are some items that came in the mail this past week that are book room worthy:


10 copies of Labor Day by Joyce Maynard came for my book club!  We won a contest along with other book clubs to read the book, and then they are sending us movie tickets to see the movie and a $100 gift card to buy some goodies for our get together.  How super fun is that?  Way cool Harper Collins!!!


I won this fun pack of swag and this awesome looking read! 

1e…and a couple other fun reads and Evertrue is a win from Me, My Shelf, and I

1eeeOh yes, and books came my way as well.  Ahhhh…. just looking at them brings up visions of blankets and reading in this cool Minnesota weather.

And as this in New Years Eve (I know right???  How did that happen?) I have to share the Challenge I am joining that I thought would be fun (its one I need to do anyway as some EPIC last in the series reads are coming out this year!  Now I am not so organized that I can name the ones for sure other than the last book in the Mortal Instrument Series *sigh*and…well you get the point.


And it is the last to sign up and get in on the fun that the First Book Of The Year is going to bring.  I am soooo excited about this!  We now have over 80 book lovers signed up to participate in showing off the book they will be reading to kick off the New Year!  It’s easy, there are no trap doors or hoops to jump through, I just think it is super cool to see up reading all over the world!  I will announce my first book of the year in the morning. 🙂

You may still sign up here:


and then a final plug for The WHERE Are You Reading Challenge... always a good time… and seriously, who doesn’t like to travel?  And if not in a plane, then from the comfort of your chair?


That is all. 🙂  I work today, and not sure what we are doing tonight yet but I think laying low may be the plan.  I leave early in the morning for the first run of the year in the cities.  🙂 

15 Comments on “Morning Meanderings.. Books coming into the New Year

  1. Gosh, well done for winning the book club contest. I haven’t heard of that title before; I shall be off to google the film trailer next! And the swag pack is very cool. I actually have Cinda William Chima’s The Demon King in my tbr pile – I’ve heard such amazing things about her writing. Happy New Year honey, may it be a good one!

  2. Wow! You got quite a haul! That Labor Day prize is impressive.
    I’m glad that you are finally on the mend. Have a great New Year 🙂

  3. What fun! I had to turn down Labor Day because of family issues. That is going to be so fun.

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