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Always fascinated with movies about people who have done amazing things (IE.  I am a huge geek for the Social Network movie about the creation of Facebook), I had to see the movie Jobs.

Jobs is the story of Steve Jobs and his creation (yes yes… I am aware he didn’t do it alone) of Apple computers.  This is a fascinating story because much like what Mark Zuckerberg did for social networking, Jobs did for computers and putting them into our homes – as well as I Tunes, I Pod, I Pad, I Phones…

I feel Ashton Kutcher did an amazing job as Jobs.  If you see the movie (and I hope you do) watch Kutcher’s walk… he has it right down as Steve.

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly was fascinated by the early years how Apple came to be and while Steve was not necessarily the brain that put it all together, he was (and is) the heart and sole of Apple and what I believe made it what it is today.

I listened to Steve Jobs on audio a while back and really enjoyed it.  I have to say I got more out of the audio then I did the movie.  The movie, sadly seems to be unfinished.  Towards the end everything seems to rush together, you see him with his daughter but you have no idea how that came to be… there is a woman in his life and I am not sure who she is, he walks back into Apple makes some big changes and before we even get into I Tunes, the personal computer, I Pod…. it is over.  Ending on a cliff of what is next.  Sure, most of us know what happened next but still…I feel Steve’s story was incomplete and they do not even elude to his death or the cause.

This one probably about a C- rating from me and for that… I am sad.

8 Comments on “Movie Review: JOBS

    • I listened to it on audio… now I need to check to see how long it was, I dont recall it being super long. Now I wonder if the audio I listened to was the same version the movie was made from 🙂

    • I picked it up at Redbox – $1 rental 🙂 I was actually pleased at Kutchners performance, I thought he made a good Steve. (Even though after all the cray parts he played it was odd to see him in something so serious)

  1. I thought Kutcher did an excellent job, too…as you say, the walk was perfect. I had the same problem, though, with how quickly the film moved, skipping essential things like, yes, who is that woman? lol

    • Yes, and from the audio, his relationship with his daughter Lisa was very rocky – and as a teen she tried to see him and he refused – it skips all of that.

  2. well I didn’t fancy this movie before your review and now I fancy it even less! I like Ashton Kutcher though! 🙂

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