Saturday Snapshot – Pictures of 2013


Hmmm… not really a morning meandering as I putted around this morning prepping pictures and an exciting book club announcement (more on that later) and yeah… any hoo… its after noon.

I wanted to post for this final Saturday Snapshot of 2013 some highlights of this past year.  So here they are:





There it is.  I know I am missing many from my earlier in the year computer crash.  But this covers a lot of it.

Any highlights of your 2013?  Any hopes and plans for 2014?  I have many… but that… is another post 🙂

Check out Saturday Snapshot to see what else is happening in around the world in pictures.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Pictures of 2013

  1. Looks like you had a very full year. Didn’t you also do one of those colorful runs? I’ve had a good year in 2013, full of some misadventures with my teenage children, but I feel their growing pains. I will be an empty nester in 2014, fingers crossed! Hope everyone keeps moving forward in 2014. Here’s Mine

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