Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi


The morning held promise.  John F Kennedy prepared for his day where he would be in a motorcade in Dallas Texas,on a route that would give him the most exposure tot he people.  It looked as though it would be a wonderful day.

Lee Harvey Oswald started his day out early.  By the time his wife Marina awoke, a note had been left for her with some cash stating to go and buy something that the children needed.  This was highly unusual for Owsald.

As the two mens lives and deaths collide as the morning rolls out and by 12:30 in the afternoon as Kennedy’s motorcade rolls past the Texas School Book Depository a gun shot shatters through the air.

Kennedy, rushed to Parkland Hospital and as the medics try to save the Presidents life, they are to no avail and President Kennedy is pronounced dead within an hour of the gun shot.

As the story wraps around Parkland and Oswald and witnesses and investigations… it is interesting to know that Oswald himself will be at this very same hospital, at Parkland, fighting for him life within 40 hours.



At the time of Kennedys death I was not even a thought yet.  Kennedy was gone 4 years before I ever had a breath in my lungs, yet isn’t it amazing how I as well as others of my age and younger still can feel such compassion and pain for the loss of this man.

Parkland, originally titled Four Days In November is about the events that surrounded Kennedy’s untimely death as well as the timeline of Oswald during that same day and the next few days afterwards.

I listened to Parkland on audio and this was one of those audios that kept me in the car in the garage long after I arrived home so I could find out what would happen next.  Well done, Vincent is an amazing writer and George Newbern also narrated well for a difficult historic recap of the Kennedy Assassination.

Definitely take the time to listen to this one.


6 thoughts on “Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi

  1. In August 2013, I read “The Kennedy Detail” by Gerald Blaine. When I read books like this one and the one you read I view it as reading about history. The only difference with this book, I remember so many details, as I lived at the time this history was made. I remember what I was doing when I heard the news of the President’s death. I was standing in my living room ironing clothes with the TV on to help make the time go faster as I ironed away.

    At that time in my life the TV was almost always on, and I happen to be watching the morning Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred to another jail when he was shot. It was live TV, and it happened so quick, I almost couldn’t believe what I had just seen.

    As I read these accounts it brought back the memories as if they had just happened. If you like reading about history you will probably like this book. I found it fascinating in that it was the Secret Service men’s account of what happened that sad day 50+ years ago. I awarded this book 4 stars because it was different and fascinating to read how the Secret Service 50 years ago operated. I’m sure today they operate quite differently.

  2. I have been considering this one…I read another book about these events, but with a conspiracy theory in mind, awhile back. And also interesting: Stephen King’s 11/22/63, for another twist.

    And I remember the day and what I was doing.

    1. Yes Kathy you would like this one – and I did listen to 11/22/63 and raved about it – even wrote an article for our local magazine about it – a woman’s magazine which shocked the editor as it is a Stephen King book I was highly recommending 😀

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