Sunday… Walking Dead, Catching Fire… my it is an active life


Good Morning!  I have not put together one of these posts in a while but each week I admire the way at Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness writes up her Sunday post so thought I would take a bit of direction from her.


Time:  8:33 am


Place:  The comfy recliner in our living room with my favorite blanket


Consuming:  So far just coffee but an egg white omelet is calling my name


Watching:  I am deeply involved (ADDICTED!) to The Walking Dead.  I know.. I know… I never dreamed I would like such a show.  My friends have raved about it to the point that I picked up the first three seasons on the Thanksgiving weekend sales.  Now, half way through season two.. I have to say it is keeping me up at night watching.


Reading:  ugh… I am just starting a book, All That You Could Ask For, that I meant to start yesterday but time did not allow.  What I should be reading is our book club book that we will discuss on Tuesday.


Listening to… an array of “OK” audio.  The new Ann Rule in my car just did not engage me, and while Killing Jesus is interesting (wow… does that sounds wrong…) I am not finding myself as fully invested as I was in Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln and I think I know why.  It will make for an interesting review.


Making:  Today I need to create something for Book Club.  We decided this year our gift exchange would be homemade gifts.  I have an idea… just need to get it done.  Also – tonight I will be making dinner for Brad and Al…. Thai chicken is calling my name and a great butternut squash… (LOVE squash). 


Blogging:  This week seemed to have been the week for me to put up posts to engage others in.  I put up two 2014 challenges –

2014 WHERE Are You Reading Challenge

2014 Bucket List Challenge

and I put up a New Years 1st Book Of The Year event


Anticipating:  This afternoon I am going to Catching Fire (again!) with my friend Amy.  Her first time seeing it, my second.  It is her birthday and we were supposed to go opening night and she was unable to go.  Cant wait to see it with her!

Also, looking forward to a semi quiet day.  This weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  I spent most of the day Friday and half the day Saturday helping at the Library.  Last night we had a Christmas party to attend and a birthday party.  I came home around midnight, great stuff…. but I hate overbooked schedules, they wipe me out.

Which, is probably a good description of me at this time… wiped out.  I just need a few hours to re-energize.  Today is the perfect day to do it.  I little blog visiting, a little reading…  I will be back up and moving before you know it. 😀

How is your Sunday shaping up?  Is Sunday a “gear” up for Monday day, or is it a soak up the last of the weekend day and take it easy day?



16 thoughts on “Sunday… Walking Dead, Catching Fire… my it is an active life

  1. How do you fit all that into one day and consider it a mostly quiet day? haha I should check out your reading challenges. I wasn’t blog hopping when you announced them.

    1. I call it a quiet day because what I am doing to day is my decisions. 😀 I dont like it when I have a lot of “commitments” that are out of my control… lots of “to dos” make me a bit crazy 😀

  2. I live for slow days! You need more of them! Sitting on the sofa with your fave blankie and coffee…and a great book…perfection! Have a lovely day!

  3. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about KILLING JESUS. I won’t actually read it, but am very curious to hear what it’s about. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday :)…(no pic of book tree yet!)

  4. I watched Walking Dead seasons 1-3 in a two week period!! Then I watched the current season. I am all caught up and seriously addicted. I want to marry Norman Reedus (Daryl).

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