City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare


*This review may inadvertently contain spoilers if you have not read the previous 4 books)

In City Of Lost Souls, Jace is just gone.  After the battle of the last book and Lilith’s dark magic, Clary finds nothing but an empty room.  Perhaps just as disturbing and if not even more so, Sebastians body is gone as well. It appears that Lilith has bound the two together – you can not harm one, without harming the other.  Death for one, means death for both.

As the Clave is planning a search and destroy mission for Sebastien, Clary, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, and Magnus are trying to figure out how to find Jace and a way to separate the dark magic off of him before he is killed. When Clary discovers a way to get to where Jace is, she knows she is offering up her own life as well as Jace is not who he once was.  Now under the control of a powerful magic, Jace has a new agenda that will with the manipulation of Sebastian, destroy everything.

How far do you go for love?  And if there is a line… where is it?



Holy twinkies this was good reading!  I fell right into page one and hid from the world until I could finish this amazing book.  Cassandra Clare does not weaken in her writing as the books go on, if anything, like any good series, they become even better, more powerful and ugh….. what am I going to do until that 6th and final book comes out in May????  😛

If you are looking for an amazing series that I could honestly say can enter into my “books that come close to my love of the Harry Potter books”… this is your series.  If you know my total love and obsession for all things Harry Potter, you know that these are words I do not take lightly.  WOW oh WOW. 

This week, the first book in this series, City Of Bones, came out in DVD.  The movie is fantastic!  My advice… it is winter and at least in my area of the world… winter is LONG.  Pick up these books…. enjoy that first movie and please please please, join me in the world of The Immortal Instruments. 

Previous books in this series and the reviews:

City Of Bones  (the only one I listened to on audio)

City Of Ashes

City Of Glass

City Of Fallen Angels

12 thoughts on “City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

  1. I am just started the first in the infernal devices series, Clockwork Angel, which is considered a prequel series to the mortal instruments. I am feeling very much the same way as you are feeling about this series. Excellent writing.

  2. I loved the movie…Jace? OMG…I read the first book and have not read the rest…but I have them and they will be my Christmas treat to me! I can’t wait!

  3. How fun to have a movie of a favorite book. I hope you find plenty of good books to tide you over until the last in this series is available 🙂

  4. Sheila, I’ve seen this book on the shelves for quite a while now and never pick them up. Wonder if I ever will, but to tell you the truth, right now I can’t think of much else ’cause I’ve been laughing ever since “Holy twinkies…”! LOL

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