Morning Meanderings… And The Banned Played On


Good morning!  Thursday of the Banned Book Week event already and time has just flown by.  I wish I could have been more active myself this year in this event but life just did not slow down this time around.  Thankfully a whole lot of other awesome bloggers joined in and said that they would be talking up banned books this week.


Heather at Based On A True Story reviews The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.  Heather shares a great story about the actual banning of this book so be sure to pop over there and check out a great post and a really good book! 


Tracy at Pen and Paper comes through with a second post this week on a harder look at banned books and sex scenes in YA books. 


Kendal from Kinx’s Book Nook wrote an awesome post on Fahrenheit 451 with a giveaway!  If you have not read this smoking book – you need to.  I enjoyed it on audio for banned book week a couple of years ago and loved it!


Charlie at Fur Earwig has a fun blog (I was trapped for awhile looking around at some fun pictures).  Charlie takes a closer look at the banned book, A Snow Falling On Cedars.


There will be more posts tomorrow.  I had to write this one early this morning as I have a super full and fun day.  I work today until 3 and then I will be driving with my friend Connie to the cities at the Orpheum theater where we will be having dinner and then seeing Wicked.  (Insert major SSSQQQUUUEEEE here*).  I have been waiting years to see this one and I am sooooooo excited!


On a fun side note that just came to me, I Googled if Wicked had ever been banned.  I read it many years ago and it is basically a grown up version on The Wizard of Oz and this time the full story of Elphiba the Wicked Witch of The West.  I loved the story line and thought thte concept was BRILLIANT but also remember a couple eye brow lifting racier parts when Elphiba is in College (maybe even sooner – I read it forever ago). 

Anyhoo – the answer is yes!  Wicked made the list in 2008-2009 for sexual content.  Not really surprised there.  This is not a book that I would recommend to any youngster.  And while I enjoyed the book, it probably is not one I would ever read again – however the storyline itself which is what has made this a Broadway “must see” for years – is indeed something I would suggest to anyone who has the opportunity to go go go!!!

That’s it for today.  Do me a favor and find yourself a banned book for the weekend and enjoy it as the official banned book week kicks off on Sunday!


5 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… And The Banned Played On

  1. Yes — very clever play on words 🙂 I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz countless times on TV and was always fascinated by the wicked witch character.

    Sounds like a fun evening — enjoy!

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