Morning Meandering… Playing In The Banned


Playing in the banned!  *snort*   Yes folks, I am here all week!  😛

Ok seriously… you try and come up with puns each day for banned books week. 😀 


Today I want to direct you to over to Kelly at the Well-Read Redhead.  She has written a great review on Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keys.

I love the fact that this book is one that Kelly won last year during banned book week and now here it is, being reviewed for this years event.  Please stop over and read this beautifully written review about an honest and emotional book.


This afternoon I will be going to our local library and putting up the banned book window.  It is funny to think that my close relationship to our library started with banned book week.  Three years ago the library had a gorgeous window display for banned books.  I loved it and even checked out one of the books that was on “trial” for being banned.

Two years ago I excitedly went into the library to see what genius they were putting together for banned book week and there was nothing.  When I inquired about the great display from the year before I was told that a lady who used to work their had put that together and they really had not had anyone that loved the window like that since.  I think you can probably guess the rest of this story…. I asked to take over the window to set each months theme, of course including banned book week.

The window lead to my interest in the Friends Of The Library group, to my interest in being on the City board for the Library….  its all connected. 😀


Anyhoo – this year not only is the window going banned – but we are taking mug shots in the library for banned book week.  I love that!!!  I am posting on our Brainerd Public Library Facebook page and Friends Of The Brainerd public library Facebook page the mug shots we took the other day of the Teen Library Council.  I will go in today to do my mug shot… whatever book will I choose?  🙂


7 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Playing In The Banned

  1. So glad that you are continuing the window for banned book week. I have never given banned books much thought until recently. My library book club picked a book that was banned for our September read, I think completely by coincidence. The reaction to this was quite astounding to me. This is a group of ” educated” grown women and yet some will not read the book because it was banned! We need to get and keep awareness out there that no one should decide for you what you can an can not read.
    The book by the way is The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I find it to read like poetry and have lessons for us all. Too bad some will miss out on what this book has to ofer due to a ” list”.

  2. I had no idea Flowers For Algernon was high on the banned books list. This is an all-time favorite of mine. Although it’s not a happy book, it still is a wonderful story – and appropriate for most ages, IMHO.

    Will we get a photo of your banned books window?

  3. How fun that you’ve gotten to design that window…especially for banned book week! So many cool possibilities.
    Thanks for today’s shout out, and hooray for banned book week!

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